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Android Custom Toast

What is Toast? For most people toast is a sliced bread browned on both sides by exposure to radiant heat, or it can be when people raised their glass in a gathering to honor of a person or thing. But for android developers or programmers a toast is simple notification that will displays within the period specified by the programmer.

Based on Android Developer Web site

A toast is a view containing a quick little message for the user. The toast class helps you create and show those.

When the view is shown to the user, appears as a floating view over the application. It will never receive focus. The user will probably be in the middle of typing something else. The idea is to be as unobtrusive as possible, while still showing the user the information you want them to see. Two examples are the volume control, and the brief message saying that your settings have been saved

It is an effective way of informing android application users about events or even errors without losing focus on the current screen. For my android development I personally use toast to check and notify me if there is any error occurs on my code.

I’ll show how to make the default android toast before we proceed in making the android custom toast.

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