DataGridView MetroFramework Modern UI

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  • d4vid turn3r

    I’ve just started out in UI development and would love to take a look at what you’ve done for reference. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi d4vid turn3r, thank you for your interest with the function that I created. I will create now the sample project and I will inform you once I already uploaded.

    • Sour code for DataGridView Metro is already available. Check out my blog post

      • Mustkim Diwan

        sir there was a problem the…… error was displaying in that project could you plz look over it

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  • Dianne Reyno

    Hi! How can I change the color settings of the TextBox so that the default theme color will only appear when the TextBox is clicked? Thanks!

    • I guess there is no other way unless you will modify the source code.

      • Dianne Reyno

        Where can I find that? I was actually thinking the same thing but I’m new with C#.

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  • Ethical HaCker

    Hello Brother
    show me sir how to make the tile in this picture changed by it self ..
    the option is in the tile frames but i didn’t figure it out ..
    the blue tile i need it changed by it self …