Mc Donalds Commercial – Playtime with Dad

Mc Donalds Commercial – Playtime with Dad

Have you seen the latest Mc Donalds commercial in the Philippines? It is very cute and makes me more proud being a dad cause I am also doing it with my daughters. The title of the Mc Donalds commercial is Playtime with Dad. The commercial is very funny, you can see a typical dad with a big body, mustache and tattoos, a type of dad the you will never expect to dress up like a fairy with wings and play with her daughter dress up like princess. He also build a castle for her daughters but it fell off because his kids run towards him because they are too excited on their castle.

It is also very funny to see how the dad reacted when his two daughters blushed imagining their doll as their prince charming. And the funniest seen on this Mc Donalds commercial is when a Mc Donalds delivery man arrived on their house. The reaction of the delivery guy is very funny, he really looked surprised when he saw a bearded guy with tattoos on his arms wearing a dress blanket, with wings and tiara, but the dad on the commercial doesn’t even case about it and just smiled with the guy.

You can watch other Mc Donals Commercials on their YouTube Channel

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