Winforms Metro Style Modern UI

Winforms Metro Style

I found this C# Winforms Metro Style project which was called Metro Framework from Github, I forked a copy of this project and fixed some minor bugs raised by Github members and some bugs that I personally found. I find it very cool and I made a lot of windows application out of it. This winforms metro style framework will surely be very useful for programmers like me who wanted to make their application more pleasing to the users. I also made some applications with C1Flexgrid by ComponentOne, I made a custom control out of C1Flexgrid to match the theme of winforms metro style framework.

If you wanted the custom control for the C1Flexgrid with the same theme of the winforms metro style framework just send me an email and I will glad to give you the source code. I can only give you the theme not the C1Flexgrid cause C1Flexgrid is not free.

I added some new controls to this project to make it more usable like the Message Box, DateTimePicker and Context Menu. I actually would like to thank viperneo for merging my codes to the original source code of this project.

This winforms metro style framework is very easy to use and very user-friendly, even new programmers can easily integrate it with their new projects.

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