Winforms Metro Style Modern UI

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  • This is very nice UI for desktop programmers

    • Tushar Narang

      Tab Cntrol How to set Selected tab back color. i tried it programitically… I didnt change… Any suggestions

      • Make sure you set the UseCustomBackColor to True

  • Mauro Rog

    I’m trying your great UI.
    I’m wrong or combobox do not handle dropdown and dropdownlist style ?

    • You can check out my Github dropdownlist style is now available

      • Mauro Rog

        WOW. Great.
        Thanks for the great job.
        When I have a bit of time, I will try the new version..
        I’m trying to merge your framework with the DockPanel Suite.

      • MJ

        I see the property is available but it never actually changes the drop down style.

      • Monbrey

        I had this same problem, I don’t want to use DropDownList as this makes the AutoComplete options useless. However I’m not able to change it to DropDown, even programmatically.

        I tried downloading your code and changing all references to DropDownList as a default to DropDown in MetroComboBox.cs, but it will no longer draw correctly after this.

        Any advice?

  • Jass

    How to code in metro form with messaboxresult
    like this


    • You can code something like this.
      if (MetroMessageBox.Show(this, “This is a sample MetroMessagebox `Yes` and `No` button”, “MetroMessagebox”, MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question) == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes)


  • debanjana maitra

    Using this can i develop an app for windows 8.1 ?
    will this support touch?

    • Yes it support touch, I just deployed an application with that functionality

  • Nikki

    how to customize(COlour,Fontsize) message dialoge in metro style application

    • The color will change depending on the icon you selected for the messagebox.

  • Lavish Thakkar

    How to add an icon as you’ve done near the title?

    • That is the BackImage property, use BackImagePadding property to position the image to the specific location that you want

  • Ali Hameed Al-Hashmi

    hi there how make MetroMessageBox in ??

  • Ali Hameed Al-Hashmi

    The Code :

    If MetroMessageBox.Show(Me, “This is a sample MetroMessagebox `Yes` and `No` button”, “MetroMessagebox”, MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question) = System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes Then

    MetroMessageBox.Show(Me, “hi”, “H”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)

    End If

  • Totz Sarsonas

    How about the context menu?

    • Context menu is also available. Please check the video above.

  • Hamza Achadini

    Hi Dennis , Please I can’t Switch theme or head of form , the tile change color only for styled tools or backcolor of tools

  • Wonderful Job, Started to use the framework, working perfectly
    I have a problem, i am trying to change the MetroTile and MetroPanel’s Color and add Icom image to the panel but it is not showing the icon and color change even after i made the color transparent what is the solution ?

    • You can simple add a image control on the panel.

  • Mista Maliquee

    Hi Denise, I would like to ask something, I want to make a datetime picker using your metro UI which allows users to select date and also time. However, as I am using the metro datetime picker, it do not allow user to select time, only date. How am I gonna select the date and time? or time only?

    • That is also my problem when using the datetime picker for time, that’s why I created another control for time.

      • Mista Maliquee

        Thanks for your reply. For now, I just make my own time picker using your metro combobox.

  • M.Reza

    I can’t use MetroMessageBox .

    • Have you tried to add all the required namespace, try to add

      using MetroFramework.Controls;

  • Rodney Jan Mandap

    how to put this in the metro form? why is it only a blue horizontal line? and how to make the title put to the center of the title bar?

    Thanks in advance 😉

  • jm.r

    I tried to change the tabbackcolor to custom but tabcontrol.backcolor ?

    how to use it programmatically?

    • Sorry, this is not possible. It is built to have a single look and feel through the entire application.

  • i need

  • Cdr

    How do i make a round button in a windows form application ?

  • roldan Lobitana

    its not working at 2010 🙁 help me sir

  • DenzJheng

    Hello kabayan Dennis,
    I am using version1.3.5. and successfully add 3 dll in projects reference as well as in the toolbox, however, I encountered error when attempting to use MetroTabControl in my form. Below is the screenshot of the error. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks

    • Pietro di Caprio

      I had the same problem using the Framework in VS15, try to use VS13, it works for me..

  • Prakash

    I changed inheritance from Forms.form to MetroFramework.Forms.MetroForm
    now the UI has changed, but its not resizable. under properties of form, i have selected resizable: true

    what could be the issue?

  • neel912

    how to change color of MetroButton on form_load event in

  • Valdomiro Wirth Junior

    Fail extract download

  • Pietro di Caprio

    I need to use the auto complete function of the “ComboBox”, why is not possible?