VB Net How to use Metro Framework

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  • Unknownymous

    Hi Sir,

    I’m very thankful for your ModernUI framework.. I already using it on my projects but I have one question if your metroUI framework cater some sliding group panels? just like for example in windows 8.1 when opening STORE then click one of those apps it doesn’t show another form instead it will slide the form/GroupPanel(or whatever you call it) then if you want to go back you just need to click the BACK ARROW button then it will slide to previous form.. How can I do that in your framework?

    Hoping for your reply.

    Thanks in advance.


    thanks gan…….very thankful

    • You’re welcome. Thank you for visiting my site.

  • Wilson Yonkk

    hi ,
    why i cant use the metromessagebox? i already imports metroframework.controls but it says ‘MetroFramework’ is not a member of ‘MetroFrameWork’, and i want to ask how can i make datagridview like your c# datagridview. i’m using vb.net 2015

    here is the screenshot :


    thank you

    • Change MetroFrameWork.MetroFrameWork to MetroFrameWork.MetroMessageBox

      • Wilson Yonkk

        same , it says ‘MetroMessageBox is not a member of MetroFrameWork’

        • What version are you using? It should be 1.3.0

          • Wilson Yonkk

            i used oldest version , and i already update it and it works ! thank you .

            i want to ask you again , how to make datagridview like your c# datagridview in vbnet

            thank you

          • Your welcome Wilson. I used a 3rd party grid from ComponentOne called C1Flexgrid. You can download a trial version of that grid then get my modified one in GitHub

          • Wilson Yonkk

            oh okay thank you . and the last one can i disable the default minimize , maximize and exit button ?

            thank you

          • You can just change the ControlBox property and set it to False

          • Wilson Yonkk

            okay thank you .

            hmmm i got some error like this , how can i fix it ?

            line 239 is Me.MetroLabel10.Theme = MetroFramework.MetroThemeStyle.Dark

          • Have you tried to remove that line of code if it will work?

          • Wilson Yonkk

            i remove that line and the error says in line 238 , but when i open this form in vb net 2010 or 2013 it no problem , no error too

          • Just set ControlBox to false

  • Wilson Yonkk

    can i do like this in metromessagebox ?

    • MetroMessageBox is just a normal MessageBox. The one on your image is a InputBox, you can design something like that using MetroUserControl

  • john bola

    zup dude. love your work.. trying to implement it on my system.. trying to create a vb modal.. on my main form.. how do you remove the 3d border on the mdicontainer?

    • Actually MDI is not supported this framework. Check out my Blog post regarding MetroFramework Project. I used a sliding panel to somewhat make it look like a MDI check out here on hot to make the sliding panel http://goo.gl/qSPX0f

  • Joakim Mog R

    Very Nice! Thx Bro!

  • Gm Chill

    can you help me sir?

    i always get this error every time i set the Maximize button to false.

    • Get the latest source code from GitHub, I already fixed that issue.

      • Gm Chill

        thank you sir. I downloaded the latest update of this.

        But I now get these output whenever I try to run the project

      • Gm Chill

        Sorry sir. I’ve figured out how to solve it.

        Thank you so much.

        • You’re welcome bro. Thank you for coming in. Please subscribe for more videos and tutorials.

  • Pablo Rubino

    Hello, i want to migrate winforms default to metro forms, what do you recommend??

    • What do mean by migrate? You want to change each form to MetroForm or you want to change the look of an executable application?

      • Pablo Rubino

        hello, thank’s for your response, the answer is both, so i’ve developed an application (is almost 90% finish) and it has developed with default windows forms (the default winforms are look very ugly, very hard) and i liked metro forms, so the question is: i need to change one by one?? or you recommend another technique????

        • Since you still have the source code, have you tried find and replace?

          • Pablo Rubino

            Yes…i can change old controls with new controls but i need write a handles events on every one that changed….

          • Pablo Rubino

            i have a problems with migration….i try to create a new form with another name and then create controls one by one…but i have a problems…the designer throw me errors and i lost all controls….
            if i transform an existent form….the designer have errors too and lost all the controls….

          • Whats your error? Did you add all 3 DLL’s as a reference of your project?

          • Pablo Rubino

            Yes i’ve added all 3 dll’s.
            I attach an screen with error:

          • What code is on that line 69 of designer?

          • Pablo Rubino

            line 68 is simple, assign text to label……

          • Try to right click on your project then clean and after that rebuild

          • Pablo Rubino

            No, i still with the same problem, the strange is that in the code of the designer it hasn’t any errors!! the error only show on form [design] and for this i can’t continue designing the form!!! it’s very strange….

          • Aginta Putra Barus

            you just simply delete “-1” in the code below that line
            Me.txtRAZOC.lines = New String(-1) {}
            Me.txtRAZOC.lines = New String() {}

  • Alan Medina

    Hello,i want to put live tiles in a form in visual basic, does anybody know how to do it?

  • Kay Pohl

    Hello. I have the same problem as other users. When i put the MetroCheckBox on the form i works. But when i try to put the MetroButton on the form, it don´t appear on the form. It only appear in the component window. I can´t use the MetroButton. What can be the problem ?

    • Make sure all 3 DLL’s are added as reference on your project.

      • Kay Pohl

        Thanks Dennis. After i download the 1.3.5 MetroFramework and refernece all 3 dlls it works.

        Another Question:
        I try to use TabControl. When i add a control to a tabpage the control is alwas located top-left on the tabpage. the Dock property is set to None. When i set the location property to 10;10 the control location changes. But when i try to drag&drop with mouse, the location always returns to the location property back. What can i do that i can set the Location with the Mouse ?

        • Check the padding of the MetroTabPanel it should be 0

          • Kay Pohl

            Doesn´t work. Padding is set to 0;0;0;0. Still no drag&drop with Mouse possible.

          • Can you share me your project? So that I can check.

  • Augustine Williams Bruce

    @denricdenise is MetroFramework Modern UI 1.3.5 compatible with Visual Studio 2015?

    • Yes it is compatible but not in .net framework 4.5.1

      • Augustine Williams Bruce

        thanks. Will try it out.

  • Rinkesh

    Hi Dennis.. Its always good to work with MetroFramework. But I am having an issue with MetroTab Control when i used it with Vertical alignment. Tab is not visible properly compare to when i used it with Horizontal alignment. Looking forward to your reply if you have any solution for this. Thank you very much for your answer.

    • Sorry, right now only horizontal alignment is working.

      • Rinkesh

        Thanks Dennis for your interest. But do you have any alternative for this ?

  • Norbert

    Hi dennis, in the listview i can change the item font, but at runtime the changes not shown. Is there a way i can fix that.? Thanks alot for the modern ui framework.

  • Richard Ivan Dela Cruz

    Good day sir dennis, how to solve this issue? when I run the program the form is not same layout on what I doing on design. Thank you so much.

  • マルゾ ガブリエル

    Hi sir. How do you use the MetroMessageBox in VB? It doesn’t appear the same with your example in C#. Thanks!

  • hello world

    Hi Sir, I’m getting an error when i’m trying to drop a metrotextbox and other components. Is there a way to solve this? Thanks in advance.

  • Josh Duazo

    Hi! Is this compatible with Windows 7 framework?