How To Use Metro Style Manager

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  • Leo

    Hi Dennis, thx for very useful hints about Metro Style Manager and also for your other YouTube Videos for using Metro UI Framework.
    Is it possible to Change the fontsize of e.g. MetroButton. My solution is running on a tablet device and the Standard Font Size is too small.

    • Have you tried FontSize = Tall?

      • Leo

        Hi Dennis, thx for reply – With MetroButton I have no property Fontsize, which I could change to Tall. Any other Idea (within themes.xml the font size for MetroButton is set to 11). Best Leo

        • It should have that property. Please see image below.

          • Leo

            Thx – so I have to check the Metro UI Framework Version (see below the properties, which Visual Studio 2012 is displaying).

          • Yeah I think you need to check your version it should be 1.3

  • GunArm


  • Da Mien

    Hi Dennis,

    I apply my stylemanager to my new form like your example (MyForm.StyleManager = msmMain). My theme has been applied when I open MyForm but all components in this form (TabPages, Buttons etc..) have default theme.

  • Jade

    What control do you use in pagination ? is it part of your grid? and also the lower part of the form, is it toolstrip?

  • ehh on visual basic? :V

    • Fernado

      rola los dll prro v: