MetroFramework Modern UI MetroForm Properties


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  • Bhavesh Patel

    Thanx Found for the new concept.

  • Bhavesh Patel

    thanx for add a new concept.

  • roxcon

    Why not open issues on Github?

    • What particular issue you are referring, I am checking it.

      • roxcon

        i was trying to use DateTimePicker control as time picker and noticed have set ShowUpDown property non browsable. i think you had the problem with painting up arrow and down arrow isn’t? can’t we have any alternative for that?

  • Deanil Vicente

    Sir Denise. You’ve sent me an MetroToggle.xml. I’m done modifying the 2 words from On and Off to new one. But, how can import on my system? What folder do I need to access to import and access whether its working or not. Thank you sir!

    • Create a folder on your project name is Localization then inside that create another folder name it en, add the file inside that folder. Make sure to change the property to copy always.

      • Mohammed Zaeem

        I got the MetroToggle.XML from Github
        I tried the above method to change the words of toggle. It’s not working. Can you guide me please?

  • Dragon Mc Fly

    Dear Denise, somehow the Metroform ShadowType does not behave like in the previous version 1.3.0. Adding the new MetroTextbox creates an error in Visual Basic when trying to create the code for it. “Handles clause requires WithEvents variable defined in the containing type or one of its base types”. To solve this I have to add the “WithEvents” in the designer manually. Is there a way to automate the WithEvents in the designer? And also bring the ShadowTypes back as they were before

  • salman shakeel

    how to add a metro form i cant find one instead of old windows form 🙁 help !!!

  • tiago pereira

    have placeholder like html in textboxes?

  • 俞正东

    how to use htmllabel.

  • Markus Tüp

    Hi, is there any way to change the Button Localization from MetroMessagebox ?

  • probal

    sir,I having this issue.Help me to solve it.

  • Fred Moras

    Hi sir, when i make install on visual studio, i only have some controls, not all? Why?

  • Kale Rockefeller

    Is it just me or is the trackbar not abiding by the settings like min max and step?

  • Faress ElFarissi

    Hi ,
    thanks for your efforts , and i wanna ask you .
    how to affect a form with design ( ?