Quick Tuts MetroForm Add Header Image

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  • Bhavesh Patel

    this is good job but sir,plz try it make to animate metro tiles with live tiles
    please show this link to help animate metro tiles control.(http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/15513/A-Rotator-Control-for-WinForms)
    & god bless you.

    • I will to work on something like this. Right now I am working on the MetroListView and MetroTreeView coming out maybe first week of September 2015

      • Adi Puteri

        What about a Listbox, Dennis? 🙂
        Greets, Adi Puteri <3

        • That is not yet included on my list. But I will to include it.

  • Santiago Yépez

    Hi. I really love what you’ve created. I’ve been using metro framework for almost six months, and I’m very grateful for the grid contol.
    But, could you please try to add a list control (something like .NET ListBox) to your set of controls? It would be so good to have one of those.

  • CharltonLarano

    Hi, Can you please help me. I could not use background image and even backimage in metro forms in vb. I’m using a 2015 visual studio. in the normal form I can make the background image and backimage.Please help me.