Earn money with programming


Earn Money with Programming

There are lots of ways to earn money with programming. If you are a graduate of a computer programming course you probably working for a company. Have you ever thought to earn money with programming aside from your day time job. Not all programmers are earning quite well with profession as a programmer, and I will list some of the possible ways to earn extra money using your coding skills.

1. Freelancing – there are lots of website to find freelance programming job and I will list some of this site below.

  • Freelancer.comearn-money-through-coding-01 –  one of the most popular website which allows you to bid on freelance projects, there are lots of projects in freelancer. But as high as the projects, there are lots of bidders also which makes freelancer a tough platform to survive, but once you get good reviews its very easy to get projects.
  • UpWork – formerly known as oDesk.  It is one worlds most popular freelancing platform.
  • Airtaskera trusted community platform that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.

And sometime you can also find freelancing job on some forums sites like in Lowyat a technology website here in malaysia. Lowyat have a forum from where people can post their freelance project and freelancers can contact them and discuss the details of the project.  I already got one freelance project from this site and I am really happy with project cost.

2. Create An App – make your application. It can be a mobile application or desktop application and market it to some companies that you will need your application.  You can also develop mobile games that you can upload in google play or apple store. If your game or application become popular you can put advertisements to it like google adsense and earn money from it.  Making a game application will require some skills like java, C# and C.

3. Make Plugins – if you are familiar with php you can design wordpress plugins that can be used by millions of bloggers worldwide. You should design a free version and a paid version.  If bloggers liked your pluging they will definitely buy the paid version of it.

4. YouTube Channel – you can setup a YouTube channel and create video tutorials about programming just like mine.  Make sure that you make good quality tutorials that will help other programmers so that your channel will become popular.

5. Personal Website – This is another way of making income online. You can share your programming ideas and tips through your website.  You can also share some the programming projects that you have made in past.  This will also serve as a form of advertising yourself to prospective clients for your next freelance project.

Do you have other ways to Earn money with programming ? Just put it on the comments and I will be glad to include it here.

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