FusionCharts in WinForms

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  • Rod

    Thank you, Sir 🙂

    • Welcome! Hope this one will help you with your project.

      • Rod

        How to connect it with mysql database?

        • You have to make the XML string from data that comes from your mySQL database

          • Rod

            How about dynamic chart?

          • What do you mean by dynamic chart?

          • Rod

            uhm.. I mean dynamic items in the chart

          • Rod

            do i need to use in xml?

          • Yes. You need to make the same XML format through code.

          • Rod

            What attribute did you use in the ” element?

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  • orfi

    i use c# and i get error message no display data
    what is wrong
    XmlDocument _chart = new XmlDocument();

    _chart.Load(Application.StartupPath + @”xmlsColumn2D.xml”);

    swfChart.Movie = Application.StartupPath + @”chartsFCF_Column2D.swf”;

    swfChart.SetVariable(“dataXML”, _chart.ToString());


    xml file ——————-

    • Please check the Documentation for FusionCharts sometimes XML differs every chart