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IT Company Cheerleaders

Chinese technology companies are embracing a new initiative to motivate their staff by hiring IT Company Cheerleaders. Many big companies in US like Google and Facebook attract good programmers and developers by offering great perks like free food, free laundry, entertainment and a lot more. The practice of hiring cheerleaders is currently reserved for the Internet companies located in China. According to the HR manager of an Internet company that hired three such cheerleaders, its programmers are mostly male and terrible at socializing, and the presence of these girls have greatly improved their job efficiency and motivation.

IT Company Cheerleaders got 3 main tasks first is to buy breakfast for the programmers so they have the energy for a long day of work. Second of task of IT Company Cheerleaders is that they need to chat and interact with the programmers. IT Company Cheerleaders interactions with programmers give them encouragement, plus helps to overcome any social hurdles with regards to interacting with the opposite sex. Last and finally, they need to play ping-pong with the programmers, which I assume is how they relax or pass the time when thinking about a particularly hard programming problem.

Source : Trending in China

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