MetroFramework Modern UI Sliding Panel

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  • Bhavesh Patel

    good post.. thank you.

  • Ary Mustafa

    Hellow Denric.,
    i’ve to follow your step to make sliding panel unsing MetroUIFramework and Transition.DLL.

    But, i getting error after debungging my project.
    i’ve to attachment my error by picture.

    please give a solution how to fix it.?

    Regards, Tafa

    • Do you have a MetroStyleManager on your form?

      • Ary Mustafa

        MetroStyleManager..? i have’nt..
        it’s DLL..???

        Where i find it.?


        • Its include on the MetroFramework DLL. Check out my other post about it.

  • Chris

    I am getting this error when trying to call a panel.

    Message 1: The designer could not be shown for this file because none of the classes within it can be designed. The designer inspected the following classes in the file:
    pnlMembers — The base class ‘Test.Panels.pnlSlider’ could not be loaded. Ensure the assembly has been referenced and that all projects have been built.

    Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated!

  • рейчел виш.

    Hello! How to make the slide effect of right-to-left, or top to bottom?

    • You just need to update the swipe function.

      _transasition.add(Me, “Left”, IIf(show, 0, Me.Width)) change to

      _transasition.add(Me, “Left”, IIf(show, Me.Width * -1,0 ))


      While Me.Left IIf(show, 0, Me.Width)
      End While

      Change to

      While Me.Left IIf(show, Me.Width * -1, 0)
      End While

      You also need to change the ResizeForm function
      Me.Location = New Point(If(_loaded, 0, _owner.Width), 50)

      Change To
      Me.Location = New Point(If(_loaded,_owner.Width * -1 ,0 ), 50)

      • рейчел виш.

        Thank you. I understand that this slide from right to left ? And tell me from top to bottom ?

      • tiago pereira

        code for c#?

  • tiago pereira

    i need make a button in pnlone open the pnltwo? how to make this?

    • You need to create an event inside panel just like the closed & shown. And raised it when you click the button in

      • tiago pereira

        ok i try it

      • tiago pereira

        thanks for help! i love metroframework. my projects is more beautiful now

      • tiago pereira

        do you wanna a link in my project for your site?

  • tiago pereira

    hello my dear!!! the links for session download in google docs don’t work

  • Thenndral

    Hi dennis,

    Is it possible to call slider in Main Menu click?

    ex. In frmMain form have 3 menus namely “File”, “Open”, “Accounts”.

    When I click “File” menu slide have to appear, next if I want to see “Accounts” then already opened slide close and “Accounts” slide have to open.

    As I saw the close and open click event button in the slider window. I would to access that code in Mainform.

    Is this possible using pnlSlider in mainform?

    Please give me some suggestion and code help.



  • mycatty

    is there a way to use backgroundworker on the sliding panel?

    if yes, how?
    i keep getting errors (something about cross threading) on either
    putting the backgroundworker in the parentform or in the templatepanel.cs

  • Sarmad Indhar

    hi Sir Please guide me solving this

    1. how can I load this panel on main form in center bcoz when I m pressing button it appears but not in centre how can i load it in center
    2. How to add Swipe back button in any panel

  • Mac David


  • Emanuel Fule

    hello how to Swipe back using button thanks 🙂

  • Alexander

    Hello Denric, check this video about “How to slide control form”,

  • Alexander

    Hey Denric, do you consider that this effect can be made on windows forms?

    Form in state normal:

    On click, make effect to slide form or panel out behind of main form:

  • Pablo Almeida

    How do I use the ‘slider’ in version 1.4.0 of MetroFramework?
    Without ‘transition.dll’ only using MetroFramework.dll?

  • ghz14

    Hi Denis,
    I really appreciate your tutorials. I followed all the steps and entered the code. I even compared it side by side but I’m getting the below error. Can you please help me what I’m doing wrong or missing?
    Thanks in advance.

    ‘The type or namespace name ‘pnlOne’ could not be found(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


    • You can download the sample project on the download section to check.

  • SupportRod SupportRd

    Hi I am looking forward to use this framework and try other things like instead of sliding it in form I tried to slide in panel
    Panel _owner = null;
    the only problem is I get an error when I try to load the theme and style in Settings.cs
    when it slide to the panel, it loads the white theme but my theme is dark is there a way to initiate my default theme since I save it in Settings.cs?

  • Mustkim Diwan

    Sir Denric,
    Will you plz suggest the code that I can create a sliding panel in metrotabcontrol
    I used a metrotabcontrol
    Log in and register
    After entering the Details when a user click the slide was shown in that particular tab only with users profile.