Query Statement How To Use

Query Statement How To Use

On this video I will show you on how create sql query statement that you can use as string to be stored in variable in Visual Studio or any programming language that you are using. Query statement is a mini tool developed by DenRic Denise to convert SQL queries to concatenated SQL strings to be used and assigned to any variables in Visual Studio. This tool can be use to convert SQL queries from mySQL and MSSQL.

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If you develop application connected to mySQL or MYSSQL you might already been into this problem of adding double quote on each line of SQL query to make it a valid string for your variable. Imagine if you have a long query with 20 or 50 lines, you will over and over again. Using the Query Statement mini tool you don’t have to suffer of doing this multiple times, all you have to do is copy your query from mySQL or MSSQL and paste it in Source area, click Generate and your done.

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