MetroFramework Sliding Panel VB.Net

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  • Manuel Galeno

    Hi , I have an error when making the conversion , you can have the project in you can share , please

    • What’s your error? Ok I will put it in download page.

      • Manuel Galeno

        {“Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un objeto.”}


        • You can remove this line of code if you don’t have a MetroStyleManager on your form. By the way I already uploaded the VB version of this project. Check out the download section.

          • Manuel Galeno

            I’m sorry _pnl.swipe(True) error’System.BadImageFormatException’

            not finished compiling

            I find the link to the download section you mention , thank you for your attention

  • Wilson Yonkk

    why i found this error when i using the sliding panel ?

    i cant use metromessagebox because it show this notice

    • Change it to Me.Parent cause the container of the MetroMessageBox should be a form

  • Farich Rinaldy

    Hi denise , I Can Import Transition on slidepanel.vb

    • Do you have transition DLL on your project reference?

      • DaltonHarvey

        Hy Dennis Look i have the same problem i dont find the Transition DLL on my project

        Sorry n thing on my Englesh

        I dont speak Englesh

        But what Can I do to resolve this Problem


        • Check the link on the post. You can download the transitions.dll from there

          • DaltonHarvey

            Oky i will check it

            But hei Denis can i do this slides without using the ControlUser , with a simple panel (visualBasics)

  • Rizky Adhibta Putra

    hello denise, what is “msmMain” ? on your video

    • msmMain is MetroStyleManager

      • Rizky Adhibta Putra

        thanks for reply,
        btw i wan ask, how to make “Mdi form” with metro ui. i try make it but appear error?

        • I never use MDI in MetroFramework. Please check my tutorial for MetroFramework project to make it something like MDI form

          • Rizky Adhibta Putra

            yeah.., i has try but still bad.
            ok thanks a lot

          • You’re welcome.

          • Dommenick Asaria

            how to do msmMain?

          • Drag a MetroStyleManager on your form and change the name to msmMain.

  • Rizky Adhibta Putra

    sir…, need help.
    i make a project vb w/ metro, its run well but after i save projct, close and open again, sudenly appear error like this, {@_@}

    • Check if you have same version of the 3 DLLs on your reference.

      • Rizky Adhibta Putra

        holaaaa… work, it error between dll on toolbox not match with refrence i use.^^
        it is ok to use framework 4.5 with metro?
        thanks sir

        • Some users having error using .net framework 4.5. But you can try.

  • Agung Jawata

    hello sir,
    if it possible, on panel transition i want to move it from right to left or from bottom to top,
    when i try it i got error like this
    System.Exception was unhandled
    Message=Property is not both getable and setable: Right
    at Transitions.Transition.add(Object target, String strPropertyName, Object destinationValue)

    i change it from “Left” with “right”
    can you help me.

  • Thenndral


    Thanks for your support.

    I’m Using Vb.Net 2010.

    I’m very struggling to make mdi style form design. I saw the panel slider is act like mdi form. I don’t have any idea how to design the project with three main menus under each main menu 4 sub-menus.

    I plan to use context menu and Main form act as a mdi form.

    There are three menus namely File, User Registration, Edit Distributor. If I click File Menu, File slider is opening perfectly, When I click User Registration it also opening. If again I want to open “File” slider its open newly not activate or come front to top most(as it is already opened I did’t close)

    Here my question is how to close and open when I open new slider or how to active slider if it is already opened?

    How can I achieve this? Please give me some example or suggestion.
    Please give me examples using some 4 or 5 menus with sub menu. It will be very helpful for us.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Max

    Hi Dennis. Where do I get the transitions dll? Thanks for this btw.

    • Hi Max, Please read the post. Link to for .net transition is already available.

      • Max

        hello. I was able to get the transitions, thanks for that. Now am getting this error when i click the show panel button. W;hen i comment out the line “Me.StyleManager.Update()” , the panel shows.

  • Max

    Hi Denise. What is the code for sliding the panel back?

    • To swipe back you just need to call swipe() function

  • Hashmat

    hi sir very impressive and fantastic effort
    plz guide me how can I create another sliding panel with button like the same as you have created i want to add another sliding panel i have tried to create it but its giving mn errors plz help

  • Wahyu Hermansyah

    excuseme sir…
    help me please.

  • Nicolas

    Hello, thanks for your good job!!
    I would like to close the pnlOne with the same button on MainFormVB (switch button)
    So, I don’t see how I can do that. :/
    Could you help me?

    • You just need to call the function of the panel Swipe(). Example pnlOne.Swipe()

  • Dommenick Asaria
    • If you will check the error it already says it all. Property left is not existing cause it should be Left with capital letter “L”. Hope it helps.

  • JefJef Quizon Manlangit

    Hi denric! panelOne size is not the same in the owner. How can i make them both have same size? i mean like your Erawan pos video, you used forms not usercontrols and overlapping the owner. How do you do that? in VB

    • Under ResizeForm function of SlidePanel.vb remove -77 and change 50 to 20 or less. Just play around with the values
      Me.Height = _owner.Height – 77
      Me.Location = New Point(If(_loaded, 0, _owner.Width), 50)

  • Chesmere

    Sir I have a problem. When I click anywhere on the sliding panel, the panel exits. I want the sliding panel to only close when I press an exit button. Looking forward for your reply sir! 🙂

    • Find this line of code under SlidePanel.vb
      Private Sub SlidePanel_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Click
      End Sub
      remove the swipe(False)

      • Chesmere

        Sir thank you so much!

  • Augustine Williams Bruce

    Could someone zip the version of this and upload. I’ve tried the conversion but have run into multiple errors.

    • Dewster Morningstar

      Bad link :/