Web Browser Tricks From Google Search


Some Cool Web Browser Tricks From Google

I will list down some of the cool web browser tricks that you can do using google search. There will always a time that you will get board on what you are doing on your computer during at home or at the office. Most of the company will not allow you to install any games on your computer to prevent you on wasting your time on playing. Well, Google alwas have the answer for that. By using the Google Search you can play some simple games that will surely make your time fly by. You will surely get addicted with this web browser tricks lets start listing them down.

The first one my Google web browser tricks list is

Atari BreakOut


Atari released Breakout in 1976, it is a single-player variation of Pong where the object of the game is to remove bricks from a wall by hitting them with a ball.  Pong was released by Atari in 1972 it is a two dimensional sports game just like table tennis.  To activate atari breakout web browser tricks on your Google Search just type atari breakout on the Google search bar and click Images.
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