Winforms Design Tips 101


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  • Bhavesh Patel

    Good Example.

  • Justine

    Could you share this project for us?

  • Thenndral

    Hi Dennis,

    Using Vb.Net2010

    I don’t know this is right page to start the question about form resize issue.

    Question: I’m using third-party control OxyPolt win form ( for chart control. This control will show in runtime in the form. How to show this chart control inside the metropanel in runtime? If it is possible to add chart control inside the metropanel i can solve the form resize issue.

    Issue: I can’t able to resize the form. when i start resize, thn resize btn/arrow go under the control.

    Please give me the solution.



    • Can you give me a screenshot so that I can have an idea about your issue.

      • Thenndral

        Thanks for your reply.
        Can I have your email address. I will create a sample project and send to you.
        So you can get the idea.


        • You can use the Contact Me link

          • Thenndral

            Hi dennis,

            I’m struggling in this form resizing, textbox issue and new join datagrid scrollbar error.Here I enclose screenshot. have a look on it.

            Please give me suggestion to fix.