Winforms Design Tips 101


Winforms Design Tips

In this blog winforms design tips I will list down some of the important things to consider when designing your application. I know that design can come later, core functionality is the most important key to a deliverable product. Design is just a secondary objective. If you can’t make it work, then all the pretty colors and buttons won’t save you. But it is important to keep this simple winforms design tips to make it your product more usable and easy to navigate.

1. Control Size’s – this is one of the basicwinforms-design-tip-control-size things that you need to consider when designing an application. The height of the text boxes and combo boxes must remain equal for all text boxes and combo boxes.

2. FontSize – Font size’s should be the same across your application. Specially for your labels and text boxes. Common Font Family that I use for my application is Tahoma, Arial and Segoe.

3. Control Grouping – It is important to properly display related text boxes or information for a clear user interface. That is why grouping is needed so that your user never get lost with you design. When grouping your controls you can use panels, tab control and group box.

4. Alignment – The labels must be eight er leftaligned or right aligned, just make sure if you use one alignment you will use it across your application. Text boxes and combo boxes must be left aligned except when you are designing an application that will require RTL or Right-To-Left functionalities.

5. Symmetry – Symmetry is defined as correct or pleasing proportion of the parts of a thing. This only mean that if you have objects or control on the left side you should also have some on the right.

Do you have any winforms design tips  that is not included on the list?

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