FusionCharts XML Generator

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  • Rod

    Sir could you please check my code. I try to create a sample program that will create a chart that are bound to the database. Here’s my code and can I use this with the xml generator?

    ======================== ===============================
    ‘writing the data of the database to the xml

    Dim settings As New XmlWriterSettings()
    settings.Indent = True
    settings.OmitXmlDeclaration = True

    Dim XmlWrt As XmlWriter = XmlWriter.Create(Application.StartupPath & “XMLchart.xml”, settings)

    With XmlWrt

    .WriteAttributeString(“caption”, “chart”)

    cmd = “Select count(*), lname from applicant”

    sqlcmd = New MySqlCommand(cmd, conn)
    read = sqlcmd.ExecuteReader
    While read.Read
    .WriteAttributeString(“value”, read.GetString(0))
    .WriteAttributeString(“name”, “Applicant”)
    ‘.WriteAttributeString(“color”, “000000”)
    End While
    Catch ex As Exception

    End Try

    End With

    • Check out the video and the sample code that I attached. That will guide you on how to properly create the XML string. You will no longer need XmlWriterSettings

  • Rod

    Sorry Sir I post that before I watch the video

  • Rod

    BTW sir, what’s the best way to use when you delete the primary key all the foreign key that are connected to the primary key will be deleted?

    • You should create foreign keys.

      • Rod

        It’s okay now sir I already have a foreign key and I set the it on delete cascade

  • Rod

    Sir, could you please check my It only return 1 item in the chart

    Dim _table As New DataTable()
    Dim query As String


    query = “Select lname as Name, count(appID) as Value from applicant GROUP BY lname”

    sqlcmd = New MySqlCommand(query, conn)
    adapt.SelectCommand = sqlcmd

    Catch ex As MySqlException
    End Try

    Return _table

  • Rod

    Please help me with multi series chart… Thanks 🙂

  • aalfiann

    I’ve test your project, but run with no value or graphic in windows xp sp3.. But Your project run perfectly in windows 7. Maybe Shockwave Flash not support to run in windows XP.

  • Daniel Sto Domingo

    Sir ano po ung mga property na nilalagay nyo para ma-achieve ung looks ng Chart nyo dun sa Erawan at DDTrax?