FusionCharts XML Generator

FusionCharts XML Generator

I will show you on how to use the FusionCharts XML Generator that created that will help you generate XML string that can be used for FusionCharts. This is a follow up blog post regarding my previous blog about FusionCharts in Winforms, if you havent seen it please check it out.

Please check out the complete XML FusionCharts XML OverView here

The FusionCharts XML Generator class that I created will require a DataTable that contains 2 columns which is `Name` and `Value` and a optitonal column which is column from where the value should be Hex Color. On the sample project that I showed you I just created a database because I wanted this tutorial to be short.

I used this function CreateTable to generate my sample DataTable. But for your projects you should use SQL query from where you can get the count or sum of specific group of data.

Private Function CreateTable() As DataTable
Dim _table As New DataTable()


For x As Integer = 1 To 6
_table.Rows.Add("C" & x, (x + 1) * Rnd(100))

Return _table
End Function

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