How To Use MetroMessageBox

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  • redzen

    hi sir.. can i ask a favor?.. could you please make a video tutorial about Metrogrid property.. i want to know how did you made the panel with metrogrid together.. i see your sample project and i was confuse how did you do that.. this one sir 🙂

  • Xóa Quá Khứ

    Hello there,
    I’m very excited about your framework but I got a question about that.
    How about catch event when user click Ok, Retry or something like that.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you

    • You can do it like this

      MetroFramework.MetroMessageBox.Show(this, “Sample report” + Environment.NewLine + “Do you wish to continue?”, “Generate Report”, MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question) == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.No

  • Ameya Kherodkar

    Hi Dennis , thanks for the wonder libraries .But i need help in order to understand one thing.
    I have a parent form(maximized) and child form (custom size) and i am trying to invoke the metromessagebox from child form. Problem i am facing is , it is taking the size of the child form and what i want is , it should cover whole screen or it should at least have a size of parent form .So how can we implement this

    • You set the parent as the owner of the MessageBox MetroFramework.MetroMessageBox.Show(this.Parent, “Test”, “Sample”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);

      • Ameya Kherodkar

        after taking this.parent metromessagebox has stopped displaying only

        • I already fixed this bug. Please check my GitHub account for the update.

    • You should pass the Main form as the owner of the MetroMessageBox

  • Lucas Mourão Lopes

    Hello, I met Framework Metro recently and I’m enjoying it , but I came across this , What Is It ?

    • What version are you using? try to use MetroFramework.MetroMessageBox.Show

      • Lucas Mourão Lopes

        I am using the same version , to no avail to use: MetroFramework.MetroMessageBox.Show….

        Tested other versions, same problem .

        • Is it version 1.3.5?

        • Ole Albers

          I had the same when I accidentally used the wrong version. Make sure to use Nuget to get the most current package. The right (and only right) packagename is “MetroModernUI”. Don’t use “MetroFramework”

  • Shane Michaelle

    Hello, I downloaded the zip file already, but I can’t open your MetroFramework sample project. And would you mind if I ask where to get the Metro dll files? I hope you could help me. I’m just new here 🙂 thank you

  • Sarmad Indhar

    Your videos are very good plz add a complete video of making complete project using metro ui

    • I already have 2 post about it. Check out

      Modern UI Design Tutorial

  • Ken Rivera Salgado

    as I can change the action of the OK buttons to save data in a database. Using the MessageBox as confirmation window?

    • Yes you can wait for the returned value of the messagebox. Check dialogresult

  • jean marie

    WHY THESE ERRORS please?

  • jean marie

    WHY THESE ERRORS please?…

    • C# is case sensitive. Change messageboxButtons to MessageBoxButtons and Messageboxicon to MessageBoxIcon

  • Ole Albers

    First of all: This is a really awesome library.

    I just have the problem that the messagebox seems to be hidden behind my application (not topmost, even though that seems to be in the code), when switching between applications or just debugging. Bringing my application to the front does not show the Messagebox, but I have to search it by “alt-tab” until I get it to the front and then can react on the message. Any idea how to fix this?

    • I already made a fix on my GitHub account

      • Ole Albers

        Hmm. I got the most current version from NuGet (1.3.5). Is that older than the Github version?

        • Ole Albers

          Ah. Can answer that to myself. Just found the “. Fix issue with MetroMessageBox for topmost form” commit that has been newer than the nuget-package. Thx. pal, will clone from Github,

          • Carlos Guzman

            Hi, you are right.!! This is a really awesome library…
            so I was reviewing the code and maybe the solution is this please see the image attached.

          • Carlos Guzman

            In the Framework Solution.


  • Gerg

    Hello buddy! It was great to find this awesome library.

    I’m having some troubles with forms order when using MessageBox. If I have a few forms opened, when I confirm (Yes, No or whatever) the MessageBox, the Windows folder opened in desktop just appear behind the MessageBox owner, in front of all the rest forms in the application. How can I resolve this issue?

  • Jesus P

    hi Dennis, have a question how change Lenguage buttons

  • Aadil Sharif

    Its giving me error. Screen Shot is Attached.

    No overload for method takes 5 arguments. I tried with 1 to 5 all arguments are not working. Infact at first MetroMessagebox is not automatically loading its options like show in the first place. Please help.

    • Aadil Sharif

      Hi Dennis Sir, Problem is solved as it was already discussed in the earlier questions. Updated from Nuget Package Manager and Installed MetroModernUI instead of MetroFramework. It worked. Thanks Alot Anyway.

  • 5001

    how to add the other toolbar controls like metrolink, i got only few controls… can you help

  • Ahmed Alayat

    I am sorry but I can’t use it in

  • Ahmed Alayat

    I am sorry but I can’t use it in VB. net