How To Use MySql Connector Net

How to Install and How To Use MySql Connector Net

On this video I will teach you on how to use mysql connector .net in Visual Studio. MySql is one of the most popular and most powerful open source database and with the right tool and knowledge it is very easy to integrate and use in your .net projects.

On my previous blog post I already showed you on How To Install mySQL in Windows 10 if you have missed it please check it out so that you can follow with this tutorial.

First we need to run MySql Installer Community. Once the MySql Installer Community is running just click add.

Then we need to expand MySql Connectors->Connector/Net->Connector/Net 6.9. Then select Connector/Net 6.9.6 – x86 and add it to the Products/Features To Be Installed.

All we have to now is click Next then Execute button and wait until installation process is complete.  Once complete we can now use it MySql Connector in Visual Studio

How To Use MySql Connector in Visual Sudio Net

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