MetroFramework Modern UI Version 1.3.5


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  • Raouf

    hello , & thank you for the update
    i’m just concerned on how to install it without nuget ( in an offline dev envirenement ), as befor it was just 3 dll files but now when i try to find it in the project it’s 4 folders each for a diffirent net-framework version. thank you for clarifying things up
    & keep up the good work thx again

    • The folder says it all. You can use any of 3 DLL’s depending on the target .net framework of your project.

  • Bhavesh Patel

    Thank you.

  • aller

    Hello. Try add MetroTextBox v.1.3.5 and get error (screenshot). Could you help me? Version .net 4

    • What is the .net framework of your project?

      • aller

        Solved. Different version MetroFramework Toolbox links and project reference.
        But… I create new project (.net 4). Add MetroTextBox on Form1. Show Button is true. Compile and run. Click on MetroTextBox Button and get error (screenshot)

        • I tried to replicate your concern.
          1. Downloaded the DLL’s from NuGet
          2. Create project select .net framework 4.
          3. Added DLL’s from net 20
          4. Add MetroFramework in Toolbox
          5. Change form to MetroForm
          6. Add MetroTextBox set ShowButton to True
          7. Execute and no error like yours. Did I missed something on what you have done to encounter that error?

          • aller

            Yes, everything is correct.
            I’m doing the same thing

          • You can send me your sample project I will check it out here.

          • aller

            what email to send?

          • You can send it to this email

          • Raouf

            can you provide a video tutorial for this subject

            Another question or a request can you please make a tutorial on how to use the MetroGrid & populate data by code & change the datasource from the code.

          • Raouf

            Dennis i think the files will work with any netFramework i’ve tried it & it worked by combining a net3.0 & metro components from the net4.0dll
            as i mentioned befor all files are identical & i think you can use any one you want . the only thing i think wont work is that you combine the forked version with the old version of the controls

          • Shane Michaelle

            can you help me find where to download the dll’s? thank you. I hope u dont mind 🙂

          • Please check on post. There is link right beside Get MetroFramework Modern UI Version 1.3.5

  • Cham Py

    sir? yung sa github nyo ho ba Updated?

    • Yes it is updated now.

      • Cham Py

        yung sa youtube sir? 1.3.5 din? hehehe sorry nag uumpisa palang newbie po here. sadlife 🙁

        • Yes that is 1.3.5 and it is the latest build for MetroFramework.

  • Foen

    *Fixed issue with scrollbars
    in dark theme its not working color change on hover

  • Jiri Gerych

    Thank you for your MetroFramework – I have request sir!

    Would be too difficult to add Modern Calendar?
    Combo Box – I can’t seem to get the border colors same as on text box; Any ideas.
    Thank you!

    • I will try to come up with MetroCalendar. But for MetroComboBox and MetroTextBox I think they have the same border color.

  • Dheeraj

    Hi Dennis, I am working on a project based on your fork. A quick question, how do I extend the same style using style manager to all the controls on all the forms. In your tutorial on using style manager, I can only see how to extend the style to a new form but it doesnot affect teh controls on that form.

    • Once there is MetroStyleManager on your form it will also be applied on the all the MetroControls that is added on that form.

      • Dheeraj

        Sorry Dennis, Let me be a little bit clearer.
        I have two forms. I have placed MetroStyle Manager on Parent Form and I am using childfrm.stylemanager = msmMain just before .show() statement for child form.
        Child Form’s style (Color) itself gets liked with the style manager on Parent Form but none of the controls on child form changes style.
        I am sure I am doing something silly. I am using VB.Net with VS 2015 community

        Thanks For your efforts

        • I saw the issue. I am already fixing it.

          • Dheeraj

            Thanks for looking into this for me.

  • Rod

    Sir, I’ve got this error when I’m trying to add nofocus image and image in metrolink here’s the pic:

    • You’re image resources are not properly setup. Try to attached the image directly to the control.

      • Rod

        hoW? my image are placed in the resources.

        • Check out my other post about MetroLink on how I attached image there.

          • Rod

            How can I change the color of the form aside from light and dark?

          • Rod

            Help!!! with multi series chart..please

  • Leon

    This is great, i was hoping an update for Control Buttons 🙁

    • What updates you are hoping for? Please send it in so that we can add it on next release.

  • Rod

    Sir, How to change the color of forms aside from dark and light?

    • You can apply a Theme function just like with the Fork this. You can check it out on GitHub

      • Thenndral


        First, I appreciate your great work.

        Just Start.
        I’m using Visual studio 2010 and Metro Version (installed through NuGet).

        Well. Its very starting so little difficult to develop and design the form. I guess need more practice. How can I search/find the example code in your blog.
        I have a question, How can I use Listview or ListBox control. shall I use Windows controls in Metro design form?

        Thanks in Advance,

  • Danny Pomeroy


    First… I love these controls. They look great and are easy to use. Can’t wait to try the newest version.

    Second, how do I make a request? I would love to be able to change border colors and thicknesses. I modified the 1.2 version Added bordercolor and bordersize properties and then modified the OnPaint event to use those values. That worked great. I would do that with this version if I had the source.

    Thank you for your help.

    • You can get the source code in GitHub.

      • Danny Pomeroy

        Well… I guess I didn’t see that. Whoops. Thank you. I have it now. I appreciate the awesome work you are doing.

  • Krešimir Valjevac

    Hi there! First of all, thank you for all of the fantastic work you’ve done with this. I’ve been using the framework for some time now and I simply love it.

    I just update today to the new 1.3.5. and it seems that I’ve unfortunately found a bug, I don’t know whether that’s just me or not…
    Basically, the “Flat type” shadow is visible on the screen even if the form isn’t, and it is present at all times even if I set the shadow type of the form to none. Everything was fine with the previous version that I used, so I guess there’s something affecting it in the new update.
    Also, if I minimize the form and position it on the center of the screen after it gets back up again, form shadow appears at the exact same spot where form was before it was minimized… I’ve been looking at the code, but I thought I’d let you know because you’re already familiar with it.

    I once more thank you for all of the work you’ve done. If you need a bit more details on the matter, I will be glad to give it to you, just ask! 🙂

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. I believe this concern was already raised before and I already fixed it on my GitHub. Kindly check it from there and inform me if the issue still exists.

      • Krešimir Valjevac

        Unfortunately it is still there. As far as could see from my testing, the only type of shadow with the old release I’m not having issues with is Aero shadow. (There is an issue in this release with it though)

        I start my form invisible, but it isn’t minimized. That’s only true after the app starts. But even though the form is invisible and opacity set to zero, the shadow is being drawn on the screen where the form should rest. I’m attaching an image so that you can see what exactly it looks like in this case. Aero shadow was also missing in the switch selection inside the metro form class, I added it to test it out. (System shadow isn’t there either, don’t know if that is on purpose or not)

        If I start my form with it being minimized, shadow obviously isn’t drawn and that’s alright. But without that, things go wrong.

  • Valerio

    Hi, in MetroGrid I can’t set Transparent for the row selection backcolor. It will be converterted in black…

  • Bryan Sánchez

    Hi, Can you help me?. When insert textbox into form, this error show when go to code and return to design:

    • Do not use .net framework higher than 4.0

      • Bryan Sánchez

        i use .net framework 3.5

        • Ivano

          I’ve the same issue.
          have you solved it ?

  • Laurence Salvador

    hello sir , im about to paste textbox inside tabpage, i cant do that always notifies me that i cant paste in on tabcontrol but actually im pasting it on tabpage. Pls help

    • Make sure that you are on the MetroTabPage not MetroTabControl before you paste.

  • Scott Fiorina

    When using the MetroDateTime, how do you set and change time? It appears that the control is really just “MetroDate”

  • redzen

    hi sir Dennis.. may i ask?.. how can you apply hover effects in Metro tile?..

    • On my update I actually make the actual square smaller and add a border when MouseOver and put it back again when Mouse move outside the control

  • Dan Golding

    Hi, I can’t get the row headers to display values using MetroGrid. I am trying this, but the number don’t display

    private void frmSSOList_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    foreach (DataGridViewRow row in dgvSSOList.Rows)
    row.HeaderCell.Value = String.Format(“{0}”, row.Index + 1);

    private void dgvSSOList_RowsAdded(object sender, DataGridViewRowsAddedEventArgs e)
    dgvSSOList.Rows[e.RowIndex].HeaderCell.Value = String.Format(“{0}”, e.RowIndex);

  • Hector R Velez-Couto

    Great work keeping this framework up to date,

    any chance we can get a numericupdown control…

    this would make it a great addition

    • That’s a great idea will try to come up with the design.

  • Morgan

    Hi Dennis. thanks a lot for your framework.
    How can I do for define a particular color of the border of MetroForm. Actually, I just can change the style by chosing values, but not define mine. Is it possible ?

  • Vincent

    The font of some controls doesn’t work out.
    I’m running this with Windows XP and VC# 2010.
    Is it possible to change the font by myself?

    • Vincent


      • I think this is because XP doesn’t have Segou UI font

  • Patrick

    Hi there. Not sure where to raise this, so I do it here. If there is a more appropriate place, let me know.

    This is for official version 1.3.5 using VB.Net 2015.

    As opposed to regular buttons, the focus remains on the button when it is clicked. If this is on purpose, then I would like to have an option to have the focus lost when clicked. A button is to initiate an action and once clicked, the focus should be gone, instead of remaining focused until another control in the form is clicked (like another button or a textbox, etc…) For now I have added a line to put the focus on the form itself, so that the focus is not on the button anymore, but this is not ideal.

    1) When adding the icon, if on the left side, it is not centered in the textbox, rather it seems aligned with the bottom of the control. While having it on the right side, the icon is centered, but the text seems to move down a bit.

    2) The highlight of the border of it is not consistent with Windows Metro. Usually, when the focus is on the textbox or the textbox is hovered, the border is highlighted (color of the style). When the hover is somewhere else, the highlight is gone. Here the hover does not produce anything and this removes some of the dynamics the form can provide.

    +everything that is posted here already 🙂


    • Patrick

      @denricdenise:disqus: Have you seen that message already? 😉

  • Magellano

    @denricdenise:disqus, is it possible to restore WinKey + left or right arrow (Windows snap to left or right side of the screen) functionality? Windows turn on this feature with all forms with FormBorderStyle = Sizable.
    Can you make a workaround?

    • I will look into this issue.

      • Magellano

        Thanks. I replicated the Windows Snap with Windows key + arrow keys and with form dragging using windows messaging and some code. But Windows 10 doesn’t show the metroFrom application in the task manager list that appears after a folder or an application is snapped.

  • pjhodson

    First of all, thanks for your work on this.

    I noticed while making a form change styles that the background of the title bar buttons (e.g. minimize, maximize, exit) does not change color when the MetroStyleManager style is updated dynamically. The attached image shows the issue. The form starts out green from the design window and is changed to a random style on button press, in this case pink. When spawning child forms, the color of the buttons is correct.

    Nothing major, just something that caught my eye.

    Thanks again!

    • Bastian Block

      i have the same problem. is there a fix?

    • Sorin GFS

      same for me, I use Only solution is app restart.
      Also style and theme for the form window won’t change until window reload. Without window reload theme and style is applied instantly on the other metroframework elements. Not so big issue, I solved it with reload.

      • Are you using the 1.4.0 version?

        • Sorin GFS

          Right now I use 1.3.5 because of source code, but yes, the issue is on 1.4.0 too…

          • I tried it on C# and it is working fine. I will check out in VB.Net

  • aalfiann

    I just try using this MetroFramework and this is very awesome..

    But I got some invalid cast when trying to call mainForm text from child form..

    Here is my simple code in child form:

    mainForm parent = (mainForm)Owner;

    Here is the error message:
    Unable to cast object of type ‘MetroFlatDropShadow’ to type ‘Test.mainForm’.

    Am I missed something?
    Please help me to fix this.. Thanks

    • aalfiann

      I was made several test..

      I open Form2 like this in the Form1:
      if (Application.OpenForms[“Form2”] == null)
      Form2 frm = new Form2();
      frm.Owner = this;

      Then in Form2 metroButton1, I call …

      But I got error like this:
      Unable to cast object of type ‘MetroFlatDropShadow’ to type ‘Test.Form1’.

      I hope You fix this.. Because I don’t know how to fix this when I see the source code of MetroFramework..

      Thank You.. this is a great UI…

  • Bastian Block

    If i use a style manager to change the theme the form itself doesn’t change color. how do i fix this?

  • Samson Smith

    I have been using MetroFramework for a couple of years now and have two suggestions / issues I can’t seem to resolve.

    1. Combobox on selected index change, prompt text property is not properly set to the selected item text. I have to set the selected index change event to cmb.PromptText = cmb.SelectedItem.ToString in order to properly read the text of the selected item.

    2. If I set the combo box backColor to a custom color, the forecolor text is washed out and very difficult to read. I have tried to set the UseCustomForeColor flag and hard set the text color to black but it doesn’t take. With the version, it appears to be working with the light theme but not the dark theme.

    Overall, this is a great repository of controls that work well. The combo box and tab control are the two controls I have to muck with on a regular basis but I have been able to implement them successfully without too many headaches.

    Also, I have implemented a large number of the controls in a fairly large project if you are interested in some feedback on various items in the library let me know.

  • Bhiemher Cabanit

    Hi . I have been using metroFramework in our System. I never know how to fix this error “metroFlatDropShadow”. Anyone can help me? Thanks 🙂

  • Samuel Nana TuGa Agyekum-Hene

    Hi. i am using metroframework for my project and i want to display only the current time in one of my tiles: ANY HELP?

  • Tomas Svedin

    Hey man and thank you for a fantastic product! I’ve found an issue with the StyleManager.. I want my users to be able to change Theme at runtime, from Light to Dark and the other way around. When I set the theme to use in the StyleManager and update the manager only the controls are updated with the new theme, not the form itself. So all the controls are using the Dark theme while the form is still using the Light one.. Is this something you will fix in future updates or do you have a quick-fix for this?

    Other than that, there’s only one thing that I miss in MetroFramework.. Theme for the MenuStrip.. The StyleExtender doesn’t do a good job on it 🙂

  • pianoboy11

    How to scroll to the end using the Winform MetroTextbox (MetroFramework).

    The metrotextbox does not have the “ScrollToCaret” method. What do I do instead?