MetroTabControl Updated – MetroFrameWork

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  • Rod

    Sir, I didn’t know how to create a tab control like the picture below.. How to do that?

  • Bhavesh Patel

    wow man. thanks.

  • scouser92

    Help, please.
    Why is not name of the first tab displayed??

  • Andrew Davies

    How do you add an ImageList to a MetroTabControl. It’s not part of the properties.


  • Lucas Mourão Lopes

    Hello, when I change the theme to “Dark”, is changed only the color of window… the metrocontroltab not change. Any solution?

    • Lucas Mourão Lopes

      Ready… I’m was using this.Theme = MetroFramework.MetroThemeStyle.Dark;

      But, I has use msmMain.Theme = MetroFrameWork.MetroThemeStyle.Dark;

      msmMain is the StyleManager.

      • Did you add this.StyleManager = msmMain; after initialize

  • Wael Radwan

    i have a question when set right to left to true on metrotabcontrol a wierd line shown in the right of the control

  • Đỗ Trung

    How to create tab mid control for form main using tab MetroFramework ?

  • Omkar Salokhe

    Font Size of Tab Item is not increasing.

  • hatem gamil

    RightToLeft Is not working in MetroCombobox,, please advice ASAP

  • Saurabh Singh

    Hey guys,
    can anyone help me in selecting a metrotabpage using code….. plzzzzzz

    • Saurabh Singh

      Ok I figured it out.