MetroTextBox Control Updated – MetroFramework

MetroTextBox Control Updated

In this video MetroTextBox Control Updated I will show you my changes with MetroTextBox Control to add a more cool appearance and functionality. MetroTextBox control is already useful with its current version, but with the MetroTextBox-display-iconupdates the update the I made it will make more functional.  On the current version the display icon is being stretch out and its far too close to the top and left so decided to change it a bit.



I also added a feature that will allow user to add button on the right side, this can be useful when the control will be used as a lookup control.



Another change that I made is the ClearButton, when user set this to True it will display a small X control that will allow user to easily clear out the text inside the control.


The last update that I made for this control is the WithError property that is when set to True it will change the border of the control to make more noticeable to the user.

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Update : 13-Sept-15

I updated the NuGet DLL’s you can get MetroFramework Modern UI version 1.3.5 here 

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