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  • seba

    You can upload the project? Thank you

    • Download link is already available. Please check it out.

  • Muhammad Taha

    sir firstly i want to thanks for your great tuts, secondly i want to know to make a metroform to full screen (means start menu bar hide).

    • Simple implementation of this could be set your taskbar to AutoHide or add the following code on your form Shown event

      this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal;
      this.FormBorderStyle = System.Windows.Forms.FormBorderStyle.None;
      this.Bounds = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds;

      • Muhammad Taha

        thanks so much sir but there is a little problem when i did this check the image please (sliding panel shows like this),

        2nd question: this is not working properly for me

        childform _child = new childform();
        _child.stylemanager = metrostylemanager;

        it only changes the color of form and the control remain same in default theme and color.

  • Diego Angelo

    Hi DenRic Denise.
    framework isMdiContainer, MdiParent not working

    • I already updated the source code in GitHub. Please check it out.

  • Rod

    what is the difference between metrotextbutton and metrobutton?

  • Muhammad Taha

    sir i got a little problem on login panel, if i a have another panel named as items and i press “i” key on login panel the item panel shows ??

  • Roel Delos Reyes

    This is a good tutorial. Hope there is a motion animation featured in the control like ease of sliding.

  • Karima

    Hello Sir ,thank you soo much for your great work ; but i have a question ==> how can i change the size of metroLink image ??!!

    • There is a ImageSize property. You can use that to change the image.

      • Karima

        thank you Sir ^^

  • Pedro Avila

    Hello, I can create a menu with subway framework so that when you click the father and the children show me if deployed their status to become regular

  • Andries du Plessis

    Hi Dennis, great tutorials. I have one question.
    Is it possible to get the stylemanager style color, i want the normal panel, to also change color when i change the style, but can not get the correct coding to change it.

    currently my code to change it is as follows:
    panel1.BackColor = Color.(this.StyleManager.Style); but its not working.

    Thanks again

    • Andries du Plessis

      Figured it out, i converted the Style to string and then placed the string in the brackets as follows:

      string str = StyleManager.Style.ToString();
      panel1.BackColor = Color.FromName(str);

      Thanks again for great tutorials.

      • This is the correct way to get the style MetroPaint.GetStyleColor(StyleManager.Style)

        • Andries du Plessis

          Thank you Dennis

  • Jegatheeswaran

    how to call child form in parent form

    • It is just the same as how you call it in your regular winforms.

  • Aadil Sharif

    Hi @denricdenise:disqus Please tell me where is the tutorial for sliding menu in c# forms.

  • Waikin Tam

    I dont know if u have the same issue, but all my color tiles end up stack into one location

  • Thiago Corrêa

    Friend, what version of Metroframework?