Restore MySql Database Using Visual Studio

Restore MySql Database Using Visual Studio

Backup and Restore MySQL Database are great feature in any application. This will give your admin users the ability to back up and restore MySQL  database without having direct access to server. Once you have the backup feature it can lead to another feature like the automatic backup, wherein you will specify a time you want to generate a backup.

Please check out  User Settings and Application Settings

On this video Restore MySql Database Using Visual Studio I will show you on how to create the restore MySQL program from where we can restore the MySQL database backup that we can generate from the code on my previous video that I shared with you which is How To Backup MySql Database Through Code.

We will be using `mysql.exe` to restore our MySQL backup file. The `mysql.exe` can be found under bin folder of the installation path of our MySQL server.

If you don’t know how to install and configure MySQL serve please check this post How To Install mySQL in Windows 10.

We can also use `mysql.exe` directly using command prompt using the code below.

mysql -h[server] -P[port] -u[username] -p[password] [databasename] --max_allowed_packet=16M < [filename]);

Please watch the entire video to learn the code.

Update (12-October-2015)

You can now download the file from this tutorial here

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