Malaysia Tax Clearance Documents


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  • Mark Fernan

    Hello, Goodmorning. I would like to ask for the PCB II, since I came here last Oct 2015 and I paid taxes until this month, do I have to file 2 PCB II? For the year 2015 and 2016? Thank you.

    • You should have submitted already for 2015 last march. And for 2016 you can submit it next year. PCBII should be given by your employer. Are you going to leave your current employer?

      • Mark Fernan

        Yes bro. I will leave Malaysia next month. So do i need to have two copies of PCBII for the year 2015 and 2016? 🙂

        • Not sure about that. I suggest much better to LHDN from where your company registered you. They open early so can come early so that there will be no long queue.

      • Mark Fernan

        Hello Yes. I will not go back to My. so for the 2016 tax that i paid, i cannot get it?