MetroStyleManager How To Use – Bug Free

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  • kzares

    Hi, its good to have news from you, I want to continue with my project so I will take this update to solve all bugs, I hope you get in touch.

    • Thank you for visiting..

      • kzares

        Hey don’t you remember me? Project for an enterprise, a store of furniture , tvs and all that

  • mrk31

    do you have any plans to implement MetroNumericUpDown?

    Thank you for your great work…

  • Bhavesh Patel

    Thank you Great Work.. 🙂

  • Muhammad Taha

    i want to know how to autofocus on metrotextbox in a metroform,

    • Set the TabIndex to 0 of the MetroTexBox that you want to have focus.

  • Marco M.

    Hey, I haven’t found any bug tracker or e-mail.

    I found a bug. When I change the cursor of a MetroTextBox to anything else than ‘WaitCursor’ (that’s the default) in Designer, VS2015 stops, the same for changing the cursor programmatically after ‘InitializeComponent();’. It stops with “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll”.

    I’m using version, The same goes for version 1.3.0.

    Another thing: What is the MetroTextButton introduced in 1.3.5?
    -> MetroTextBox.CustomButton.MetroTextButton

    Keep up the good work!

  • Brice Larkin

    hi dennis,

    I’ve been trying to use the custombutton click event under metrotextbox, and I cannot bound any event on it. any way of doing it. I’m getting this error message “Events cannot be set on the object passed to the event binding service because a site associated with the object could not be located”, if I do it at design time. any suggestion or workaround in doing it?

    • You should be using ButtonClick.
      metroTextBox1.ButtonClick += metroTextBox1_ButtonClick;

      • Brice Larkin


  • Brice Larkin

    This maybe out of the topic. I created a slider page using your demo slidingPanel, My question now is, Is there a way to slide the form itself? anybody can reply. Thanks in advance guys.

  • Horst mehler

    When i change the theme from light to dark everything but my Tabpage updates its theme.
    Is there a bug with the tabpages or did i do something wrong? When i update from dark to light theme it doesnt change the tagpage theme either

    • Check the Theme of your MetroTab it should be set to Default

      • Horst mehler

        I fixed it already. The problem is i tried to add TabPages via the Property of the MetroTabControl instead of clicking in the upper right, so i added regular TabPages instead of those metro ones. Anyways Thank You!

  • Brice Larkin

    Hi Dennis,
    I was planning to use the metrogrid implantation of flexgrid, but wen I tried to use the right and buttom anchor, it is not adjusting in accordance to the size of the form, can you give me some advice on how to make it work, been using your datagriddemo. Thank you and good day kabayan

  • Abrahão Vendramini

    Everytime I add the component “MetroTextBox” to my MainForm Design my SharpDevelop crash. Can you help me ?

  • Karthick

    Hi Dennis,
    Is there a way we can have a custom theme color in the metromodernui apart from the two default options

  • macyou

    Hi Dennis
    How to make the dark theme a grey or another color instead of black?