VB Modern UI Design Tutorial No. 01

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  • kzares

    Good very useful thanks man for sharing your knowledge !

  • Laupretre


    Thanks you for this beautiful framework and for sharing your hardwork ! 🙂
    I have just one question :
    Is it possible to change the messagebox height ? because when i have a lot of text in my message box but the text is cropped.

    Thanks again,


    • There is parameter for the MessageBox height. Please check it out.

  • tiago pereira

    how to add more colors and themes? how to do? or no?

    • arnoult

      Me too… I am dreaming of things like that :
      MetroStyleManager1.Button.ForeColor.Normal = Color.Blue

  • Rhanderson

    Hello Denric,

    It’s possible to change RGB from a Style to a custom color?

    e.g: change the Blue RGB Style to a lighter blue?

    Thanks for your attention,


  • Amm2100

    What about pnlSilder ? How to convert it ? and Why am I getting Error , Swipe is not member of _login ? , can you give me the source Code 😀 in VB.NET