Modern UI POS PayPal Donate

modern ui pos paypal donate

Modern UI POS PayPal Donate

Get the sourcecode of Modern UI POS PayPal donate.  I need some help to raise some funds on my PayPal account that is why I setup this donate and reward program.

Send a PayPal gift for atleast $20.00 and get an access to MetroFramework Modern UI POS Source Code.

Just Click The Image To Donate


Minimum $20.00 if higher much better!!!

By using the button above you not purchasing any product but sending a gift and by doing this you will get a reward.

By just donating a minimum of $20.00 I will give you an access to my google drive that contains the MetroFrameWork Modern UI SourceCode.  This is a limited offer only, I will make this available for 5 days only.

Once I received your gift, I will link your email address to my google drive.  Please put note on your donation if you want to use different email to be linked to my google drive.

This offer is no longer available.

You can now purchase the source code for $50.00 please check out DenRic Denise – Products Page

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