Modern UI POS PayPal Donate

modern ui pos paypal donate

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  • kzares

    Hi, I want that source code, can you explain what I’ll get please.

    After donate how you give the project?

    • I will link your email to my google drive. Just like what I do to those who buy.

      • kzares

        Good, and I want to know what I can do this code. I have a project run it and it would be great if we can talk please

        • You can check out the video on what this project can do.

          • kzares

            Ok. Do I have until Monday 16 to do PayPal Donation?

          • Yes, monday is only the 3rd day…

          • kzares

            Can we talk about another project that I have by PM? If this can complied

          • Yes sure just email me at

          • Just send an email regarding your project.

          • Lucas Ofend

            Hi sir,here is my email :
            i want the source code of POS Project,but i want to know something,is this project a Desktop Application or a Web Application??

          • kzares

            Hello Dennis how are you, please tell me if still can develop my app? This is my Skype

            Hope you answer, blessings.

          • Lucas Ofend

            Hi sir,is this a Desktop application or Web application??i need to know details because i want to buy it.
            Here is my e-mail :

          • Its a desktop application.

    • BTW this is a limited offer only. Just for 5 days, I just need some funds to my PayPal account cause I got scammed.

  • Google Drive Collaboration Request Sent to Mohammed Fakhir. Thank you for your gift. Hopefully more to come.

  • Panayiotis Panayiotou

    this still valid

    • Sorry no longer valid. But still available for sale. Email me for details.

  • Hue Lee

    good knowledge for me

  • Alessandro Spina

    Hi Dennis, in the sample do you use the metro custom control ? I need some information about it, I need to implement the metro style of the textbox on my personal custom user control. For this reason I can buy the project.
    Tell me if is still available.