MetroMessageBox Localized – Preview

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  • Wael Radwan

    rtl support in metrotabcontrol generate wired line at the right????

  • Theo

    nice! I sent to you a mail about this feature some day ago. And many
    other things… When you have some free time, take a look on your emails
    and let’s talk about.
    Best regards!

    • Say your email. Most of you concerns is about MDI which i don’t use with this framework.

      • Theo

        theo2f @ gmail
        Not interested you develop for MDI Forms? Maybe I can give some support to the project. Let’s talk.

  • Mohammed

    How can I change the content value in the msgbox ? Not ( yes , no )

  • Axel Steiner

    German word for Cancel is Abbrechen and not Stornieren 😉

    • I just used google translate to translate my words. I am not expert in translating words. But thanks for making a point.

  • Fellipe Santana

    Portuguese-BR words please!! AMAZING Job!

    • You can create your any language by creating new XML files.