MetroMessageBox Localized – Preview

MetroMessageBox Localized – Preview

MetroMessageBox Localized is one of the features that will be included on the next release of Modern UI MetroFramework.
I received some emails asking on how to localized the MetroToggle and MetroMessageBox. Earlier while I got board with some project, I checked on the MetroFramework code and saw the MetroLocalize class. This is already being used in MetroToggle but the XML needs to be compiled inside the MetroFramework project.
MetroMessageBox Localized
So I played around the code to make use Localization XML file that can be added from the project that will be using the MetroFramework. Luckily I was able to make it work.

MetroMessageBox Localized MetroMessageBox Localized

Just need some few adjustments and fine tuning to make it work as smooth as silk.

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