MetroFramework Modern UI Version 1.4.0

MetroFramework modern ui version 1.4.0

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  • Wael Radwan

    i have a problem when change the layout to RTL how to solve it?????

  • Mauro Rog

    Hi, when you share the source on github ?

  • Mohammed

    How to upgrade the version 1.3.5 to 1.4 without change the tools i have used

    • Jumper

      Hi Mohammed, are you having issues going from 1.3 to 1.4? I have the new files but haven’t upgraded yet. If there are things that break the contract of the older version, I would like to know.


  • Bagus Yudi

    is MetroGroup button currently available in this version?

  • Yui Kazuto

    MetroTextBox left-position icon seems not align correct..

  • bhavesh sorathiya


  • Gustavo Geronimo Fernandez

    how add a toolbar?

  • Augustine Williams Bruce

    Hello Dennis,
    Just updated to 1.4.0 and trying out the MetroListView.
    I used MetroListView1.Items.Add(“Hello World!”) to add some data in the it but it doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

    • It should work just like the regular MetroListView

    • Gaurav Saxena

      I also have problems with MetroListView. I found that the data gets added to the list view control but it does not show because of the fore color of the text.
      Try adding more than 2 items to the list view and then you will see that items are selectable on the same but it is not visible.

  • Mauro Rog

    Hi Dennis,
    You have missing the Localizable Tag for Watermark properties in metrotextbox !!!!

    • What do you mean by Localizable tag?

      • Mauro Rog

        public string Watermark;

        otherwise when I change the language I can not have a different watermark.

        Thanks !!!!!

  • Danny Badur

    Hey Dennis, useful extension but after update from 1.3.5 to 1.4.0 I get a message that promptext deprecated is and I should use watermark on Textbox. If I change this the code generate promptext again?!
    Sorry for my bad english; German guy! 🙂
    Thanks from Germany,

    • Under property remove the text in promptext and use the property watermark

      • Danny Badur

        Hey Dennis,
        Thanks for your answer. I tried that but not work?! I removed it over the properties panel of vs 2012 and I removed it in designer-code. I programming in vb! If I set Watermark always PrompText will set too. 🙂
        I hope you understand what I mean! 😀
        Greetings from Germany

        • Yes, sorry for that. Just disregard that message. I will remove the PrompText property on the next build.

          • Danny Badur

            Hey Dennis! No problem. Thank you for your efforts. Great job! 😉

  • Rome

    Hello Kuya,

    Thanks for the great UI!

    But I have a question about your combobox. I wanted to try the auto complete append/suggest value against the list pero di makatype sa loob ng combo box. Is that how you designed it? Is there a way to enable user to type inside your combobox? I’m asking kasi, combobox control from “All windows form” allows you to type inside it. Kaso lang it doesn’t look right if used with your controls.

    Salamat ulit!

    • There is an issue when enabling typing inside the MetroComboBox that is why it is disabled. Currently still looking for a way to resolve this issue.

      • Rome

        Ok na ba kuya?

  • Charles Michael C. Poniente

    May I ask, what font style did you use ? I can’t seem to change it in the properties.

  • Nick Grobler

    Hi Dennis,

    When i resize column 0 it resizes the first and second columns….


  • Pietro Corrado

    Hi Dennis, Great job!

    I think I have discovered one missing features.

    On a normal textbox when i use the trigger PreviewKeyDown and i press TAB, i was able to detect the key pressed, but if i try to use the MetroTextBox nothing is fired and i cannot detect the key pressed.

    Thanks anyway for your fantastic work!

  • Jesus P

    Hello , I’m changing the language but the version that you copied to github there is no metrolistview

    • Hi, sorry I haven’t uploaded the updated source code on GitHub

  • Mario

    This is the e exception that I’m getting when try to add MetroToolTip to my form.
    Can someone gave me advice or solution to my problem?

    • Mario

      In ToolBox click right button then click Reset TextBox then right click Choose Items… and load MetroFramework.dll like when it is fresh installed.

      • Mario

        Cool thanks cap!

  • René García

    Hi. Very useful framework.
    2 thinks to consider please
    – MetroTile: Add TextPadding or decrease margin. I’m using BottomCenter but image is above text when size is square.
    – MetroComboBox: +1 to autocomplete.

  • Mauro Rog

    Another small request.
    you can add a property to METROTILE for writing text in multiple lines?
    I derived from METROTILE and add TRUE to Gettext formatFlags in OnPaintForegroud.

    TextFormatFlags flags = MetroPaint.GetTextFormatFlags(this.TextAlign, true) | TextFormatFlags.LeftAndRightPadding | TextFormatFlags.EndEllipsis;

    If this became a property, I would avoid the derivation.

    Thanks a lot

  • Jegatheeswaran

    style manager properly not working this version

    • I am very sorry for that. Can you please give more details about the issue that you encounter.

  • JefJef Quizon Manlangit

    Stpd question: I cant find the metrolistview in the metroframework items list. Im using 4.0

    • Make sure you reset your toolbox and add the MetroFramework DLL on your toolbox

  • Michael März

    Hey, I love your UI, looks really good.

    But as question: Is it possible to change Theme colors / Style colors.
    Maybe it’s my monitor, but the “red” style looks more “raspberry red”

    • Yes it is possible with minor change on the code.

  • René García

    Hi. When you will upload the source code?

  • Mauro Rog

    I have found a small but annoying bug.
    I display a MetroDataGridView and at change of some parameters I change the datasource of datagrid in this way

    sqlCM.CommandText = qb.Query;
    sqlDA.Fill(dsGrid, “ResultTable”);
    dgwResults.DataSource = dsGrid.Tables[“ResultTable”];

    For example the first time I display 100 rows and put focus at 50th row.
    At the second query I display only 20 rows.
    The vertical scrollbar is positioned in the wrong place, in fact as soon as I try to move the program exits with error.

    Specified argument was out of the range of valid value. Parameter name value
    System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView.Set_FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex(Int32 value)
    at MetroFramework.Controls.MetroDataGridHelper._scrollbar_Scroll(Object sender, ScrollEventArts e).
    at MetroFramework.Controls.MetroScrollBar.ProgressThumb(Boolean enableTimer)
    at MetroFramework.Controls.MetroScrollBar.OnMouseDown(MouseEventArts e)

    Do you have a solution or a workaround ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Maybe you can send me an email with a sample code and I will try it out.

  • Robert Tio

    Hi Dennis, what a great framework!

    I read all your discussion and especially about the bug from tab key that affect with combobox list backcolor style broke, and you said that it was fixed.

    I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s still occur in my apps. I use the latest version (1.4.0).

    Is there anything I could do to fix that ? thanks a lot

  • Ivano


    I have a problem switching from Code to Form Design Visual studio display error:
    “The designer cannot process the code al line xxx”

    Apparently no error in “Form.Designer.VB” if i remove all the MetroTextbox it’s work.

    But everytime i add a new MetroTextbox the Form Design go in error again.

    It’s a bug or i’m doing some wrong?


    • Ivano


      It’s happen only if during the design time you set to “” (empty) the TEXT property of a textbox

      It’s doesn’t happen if you set it during Run Time.

      Definitely it’s a Bug

  • Ygdrassil Perlas
    • Mark Fineza

      yes this is my problem, how can I fix the gray border.thanks

      • This is actually a feature to show that the tile has focus. I will add a property to disable it.

  • Maurício André Kunz

    I have a Problem on MetroListView. The size of text from the column 2 it depends of width column 1. How do I leave the columns standalone? tks

    • I will check this issue. Did you load it through datatable? Can you try manually loading through loop.

      • Maurício André Kunz

        I load manually item by item

      • Attila Török

        Hello! I have the same problem. I fill the listview with Items.Add(). I tried set the AutoResizeColumns method of listview, but no result.

        • Can you provide sample code on how you load so that i can test it on my end

      • SupportRod SupportRd

        hi sir same problem po.. kapag ung first column width 60 kahit na ung second column is about 200 still the result maliit parin ung second column nag base po sya sa first column yun lang po ang napansin ko..

  • Robert

    Hey ho,

    first of all, thank you very much that much of great work! Without MetroUI, I wouldn’t code in WinForms anymore 😉

    Just a little question: The MetroListView.ScrollPositionChanged event seems simply not to work, is there a known problem or did I missed something?