How To Use MetroFramework Localization

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  • Dario Bevilacqua

    Hi Dennis, first of all “good work!!!”.
    I’m trying to use the metroui DLL 1.4.0 but the strange is the localization behaviour …
    If I create a c# winform project (obviously following the instruction), it works, if I do the same with, it doesn’t…
    Should it work? Have you tried? Any suggestion ? Maybe the embedding of VB.NET different ?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Fernando Richter Vidal


      I’v the same issue.. not working.

      • Please try to check if you have change the culture info of your application?

    • Whats the issue that you encounter using the latest version. I haven’t tried yet in VB.Net cause usually I create my projects in C#.

      • Dario Bevilacqua

        Apparently no error, but the text of the messagebox doesn’t change.
        As I said, if I do the same with C# it works. If you like I can send you an example of VB.NET project.

        • Have you change the culture info of your application?

  • Axel Steiner

    The correct word for Cancel in German is Abbrechen not Stornieren 😉

    • I just used googled translate for this. I just choose the first word the comes in.

  • kifo yukus

    Hi dennis,
    thank you for the great work we really apreciate using MFW in Our everyday project
    as mentioned by other People this trick didnt work in the framework
    we’ll be happy to know if you found a solution that works with
    thx in advance

  • Tikva Tikvarova

    Hi Dennis,

    Could you please tell me howto set font to ListView(ListVieItem). I try it with properties and programmatically, but without success.

    In VisualStudio Workspace(Designer)everything looks OK!, but after compiling and start application all font settings are come to default one – font size is very small.

    Any idea!?

  • Rajaram Venkatesan

    Is there anyway to change with of the message box?

    Thanks in advance

    • What do you need to change?

      • Rajaram Venkatesan

        Sorry there is a typo. I meant “width” of the messagebox.

        Is there anyway to change “width” of the message box?

  • Thomas Gabel

    I have the Problem to do this in VB.Net.
    How can i do this.
    I have made the Folder Localuzation and the Folder DE with the XML-Files.
    Also an Main Modul, with set the cultureInfo and so on.
    But there is no translation from the Messagebox button to german.
    Have you an example in

  • Hi Dennis, I have done what you told about localization but it didnt help.
    I created folder named tr, created two xml document and filled it. Also used cultureInfo initialization in program.cs but that doesnt help. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance.