Local FTP Server in Windows 10 How To

How To Setup Local FTP Server in Windows 10

In this tutorial I will guide on the steps on how to setup local FTP server in Windows 10. Having your own FTP or File Transfer Protocol server can be one of the easiest and most convenient solutions specially when creating and testing an application that needs to be connected to an FTP server. This can also be use on your own private network at home or on your small businesses.

In order to setup an FTP server an IIS needs to be enabled on your local machine. If you don’t on How To Install IIS in Windows 10

How To Setup Local FTP Server in Windows 10

1. Click search and type “appwiz.cpl”
2. Under Program and Feature select Turn Windows features on or off
3. Look for Internnet Information Service node and expand it
local ftp server in windows 10



4. Check the FTP Server option
5. Expand FTP Server and check the FTP Extensibility node
6. Check Web Management Tools with the default selections
7. And click Ok button to start the setup

After you setup local FTP server on Windows 10, please follow the step on the video on how to configure your local FTP site on Windows 10.

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