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MySQL Password Changer Tool

I created this MySQL Password Changer Tool in C#. This tool will surely help a lot of people who always forgot their MySQL Password. Changing a MySQL password takes a long process and it was documented here How to Reset the Root Password.  By using the MySQL Password Changer Tool you don’t to go through the long process of stopping and starting the MySQL service, open a command promt etc. etc.

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How To Use MySQL Password Changer Tool


You need to provide 4 information in order to proceed to change your MySQL Password :

  1. MySQL Service Name – You can check it out under services usually if you didn’t change it during you MySQL Configuration it should be named as MySQL
  2. MySQL BIN Folder – This depends on where you install your MySQL.  By default it should be under c:\Program Files\MySQL\{MySQL Version} or c:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\{MySQL Version}
  3. MySQL INI File –  This usually located in C:ProgramData\MySQL\{MySQL Version}
  4. New MySQL Password – you need to set your new MySQL Password.  Make sure not to forget it. : )

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