How To Increase Your Coding Speed

how to increase your coding speed

How To Increase Your Coding Speed

Here are some few tips on how to increase your coding speed in visual studio. On this blog post I will show you a video by Mosh which will definitely help you to improve and increase your coding speed. And soon you will become a speedster like other professional programmers.

Here are the Visual Studio Tips That Will Help You To Increase Your Coding Speed

  • Use Bookmark – bookmarks are used to mark a lines in your code.

    Bookmarks can help to quickly return to a specific location and jump back and forth between each bookmarked locations. To add a bookmark to your code, place the cursor on the line you want to bookmark. Click the Toggle button, or press CTRL+K twice. This adds the bookmark. If you click the Toggle button (or press CTRL+K) again, the bookmark will be removed. You can also delete bookmarks by clicking the Delete button in the bookmark to increase your coding speed
  • Use Code Snippets – Code snippets are small blocks of reusable code that can be inserted in a code file using a context menu command or a combination of hotkey. Code snippets typically contain commonly used code blocks such as try-finally or if-else blocks, but they can be used to insert entire classes or methods.
  • Format Your Code  Fast – Strict code formatting rules are useful when several developers work on the same code using a version control system.  To format your code just press CTRL + K + D.  It will be much easier to use a tool called Productivity Power Tool

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