What you should look before buying your next mobile?

what you should look before buying your next mobile

What you should look before buying your next mobile?

I hope you would like the article and tell all what you should look before buying your next mobile and their mobile. I am sure this article will assist you in solving all the problems which are stuck in your mind.

1. Make a List: A popular saying is that variety is the spice of life. And economics has proven that human wants are unlimited. Due to the fact that there are a variety of phones available in the market, it is always nice to make a list of phones that you want to choose from or depending on what you actually look for in a smart phone, you can include its design or camera performance or a 4G supported mobile. There are lots of phones these days that can fit in perfectly according to your wish. Hence, trust me, making a list is important.

2. Set a Price Range: Sometimes when you go to market for buying a cell phone and takes extra cash with you and you can budget to buy a smart phone around Rs 30, 000 and just because you took extra cash you end up by buying Rs 50, 000 phone. To avoid this, it is important that you set a price range and stick to the price range so you can save your money and time while buying.
what you should look before buying your next mobile

3. Take a Proper Look at Them: Now, you would agree with me that 80% of women do not know what specs of a phone mean. Most of the time, what they want is the design of the phone as well as the CAMERA. I would not point out any name or model of a phone but there is a current trending phone with a beautiful design and really nice camera. But, in case of specs, it does not meet the requirement. While doing multitasking within a short space of time, I noticed much lagging. Most of us do quite a number of multitasking. Twitter, Facebook BBM, What Sapp, Gallery and of course, not forgetting candy crush. Most 1GB RAM phone lag when you multitask continuously because of this you will easily get bored by phone. To avoid this experience you must look properly at the specs of the phone, which includes RAM size, processor, camera and others.

4. Design: Android phones are made by a variety of manufacturers; you have many options when buying a handset. One of the most important things to consider about the phone is its design whether or not it includes a full keyboard. Today touch-screen phones may look cool but they are not always as usable as their keyboard-equipped parts. Keyboard add up some bulk to the phone especially when keyboard slides out of sight when you’re not using it, but that can be satisfying that comes with having an actual keyboard to type on. Other features to consider when looking at a phone’s design are resolution and screen size. Nowadays phones are offering super-sized screens — 4-inches to 4.3-inches diagonally but a bigger screen mean’s a bigger phone, and a bigger phone is hard to slip into a pocket. A bigger phone also can be uncomfortable while holding sometimes it slips from user’s hand. A screen’s resolution is also important as its size. In general, the higher the resolution, the clearer the display. When you buy a phone you must try it in a store before you buy it. See how the display looks. You should also test it in different lighting conditions, especially in bright sunlight because some phones display can drastically affect the look of the screen in bright sunlight.

5. 4G Service: Another factor to look before buying a new cell is carrier whether the phone supports all new high-speed 4G networks. More carriers offer 4G network. Android phones support 4G but not all androids support this network. If the super-fast speeds of a 4G network are important to you, make sure that the phone you buy must offer a 4G network.

6. Camera: All Android phones differ slightly and so the cameras they offer. Some phones offer a 5-megapixel camera and some offers 12-megapixel camera. Some offer front-facing cameras while others only offer rear-facing cameras. Not all capture photos so in HD. Make sure that the handset you buy has the camera you need.

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