10 Ways Edtech Benefits Students

Edtech Benefits Students

10 Ways EdTech Benefits Students

If you are lucky to live in this era but doesn’t own even the simplest of a digital gadget, then you are either living on the wrong planet or something is seriously wrong somewhere. We are surrounded by technology. Everyone can see, feel, smell and breathe it.  Fundamentally, it’s near impossible to partake in any activity be it looking for assignment help online these days without thinking about a computer or any digital device necessary for every situation. From communication, education, farming, medicine to entertainment and more, using technology in its various forms has become an everyday dose. In this post, I lay particular emphasis on EdTech, sometimes referred to as pedagogy. Most of the times, this is manifested through the application of computers in school laboratories, classroom teaching, learning, and research.

A paradigm shift in Education
Everyone will agree with me that technological developments in the 21st century deserve a huge nod of approval for many reasons. Apart from moving human civilization to another a level, the tech world has increasingly become more advanced to an extent that people can hardly lead comfortable lives without application of technology in one way or another. In education, the paradigm shift is so huge a leap into the future that students pursuing knowledge in different disciplines can attest to the fact that, only those who have embraced it do well. But how to measure its impacts brings to mind a very interesting debate: What are the benefits of edtech? Well, according to a post on Fast Company, education technology shouldn’t be an end in itself but a mean to many more. Read on for more…

More engagement with learning materials
Everyone loves to associate with technology and so are students. When teachers integrate technology with curriculum, students become more interested in learning. This is something that has been proven over the years through numerous studies. With higher levels of engagement, the effort required of teachers is greatly reduced and so is that of a learner. For instance, a student looking for thesis writing help doesn’t have to spend so much time walking around asking friends where to get it. One is always a click of the button away. With the use of technology such as computers, teachers equally prepare lesson plans with more ease.

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