Best Mobile Development Technologies Used for Mobile Apps

Best Mobile Development Technologies

There is no denying that the mobile development industry has witnessed tremendous growth and companies are capitalizing on these apps to expand the reach and efficiency of their business. If you are a mobile app developer then you know what I am talking about. However, for your mobile app development to be effective you need to use the right tools. This article will give you some of the best mobile development technologies used to develop mobile app effectively. These include app development for ios or android. Or you can decide to go for a framework that creates apps for both several operating systems called cross-platform frameworks and programming languages. Without further ado, here are the best techs to help you with your app development. 


Best Mobile Development Technologies PhoneGap

PhoneGap also called Apache Cordova is an open-source framework that uses CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, to develop native applications. You can create apps for multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. The framework can also mix native and hybrid code snippets for apps that are neither truly native mobile or web-based applications.


This is also an open-source framework and is the perfect solution for developers who want to develop hardware-based apps. It uses HTML, PHP, and JavaScript to create native apps for iOS, Android and Windows UWP.


This is an open-source framework that allows mobile app developers to create native apps for multiple platforms. It is very powerful. The framework uses web technologies like  CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby, to build apps these apps. Major operating systems that use this framework includes iOS, Android and Windows.


if you are a mobile app developer and looking for the perfect environment to develop your apps then WidgetPad is here for you. It is an open-source environment. It uses web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5. This is to provide numerous options like source code editing, versioning, and distribution. With this framework, developers can create apps for Android, iOS, and web.


MoSync is also an open-source multi-platform mobile app development toolkit. It supports programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and Python. The kit integrates perfectly with Eclipse-based IDE and enables native mobile app development for multiple platforms using C/ C++ programming.


Flutter is a new entry in the mobile development industry that is quite promising. you can use it to develop a cross-platform mobile application. its effectiveness is due to DART as a programming language instead of JavaScript which provides rapid and effective analysis and fabricates UIs. it also detects and gets rid of bugs in milliseconds. It is an open-source cross-platform SDK by Google which extends a wide range of plugins. You can create both Android and Apple iOS platforms mobile apps.

React Native 

This is a popular JavaScript open-source framework in the mobile app development industry and is trusted by most mobile app developers. The framework supports IDEs and other mobile app development tools. React Native is used to developing apps for iOS and Android platforms.


This is another popular framework that uses HTML5 programming language and is widely preferred for mobile app development. As a mobile developer, you can combine this framework with HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript for the development of native based apps and create  UI functionalities easily. The tech works on iOS’s UIWebView or Android’s WebView.


This cross-platform framework uses a single code across iOs, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Together with coding advantages of C#, web developers can benefit from code sharing. Xamarin framework is cost-effective and helps you to build applications that render exact native app experience. 


Mobile apps have become the most convenient mobile development technologies for effective and efficient communication. They make it easy for businesses and consumers to interact with one another with ease. The problem comes in when you don’t have the right technology to create these apps. Many developers will spring up and rush to create mobile apps for some quick cash without considering the most appropriate tools for the job. A good app developer is one that is willing to look for new and better technologies of building apps. Therefore choose the best technologies for the best desirable results for the success of your mobile development career.


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