Lenovo Z6 Pro Powered By Snapdragon 855

Lenovo Z6 Pro Powered By Snapdragon 855

Lenovo Z6 Pro Powered By Snapdragon 855 is the (Lenovo) Chinese manufacturer’s latest flagship phone and boasts an impressive set of specifications. The Lenovo Z6 Pro includes a 6.39-inch AMOLED display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, at a competitive price. For its main camera, the Z6 Pro utilizes a 48Mp 1/2-inch Quad-Bayer sensor coupled to a wide-angle (28mm equivalent) f/1.8 lens. For Lenovo Z6 Pro zoom shots, there’s an 8Mp tele-camera, and a 16Mp wide-angle camera allows you to squeeze more scene into your shot.

Lenovo Z6 Pro’s wide-angle camera offers an equivalent focal length of 16mm, it is a similar to the field of view of many competing smartphone cameras, like the Galaxy S10+ —go even as wide as 12mm. The Lenovo’s wide-angle camera performs well and is among the best phone we have tested. Dynamic range and exposure are very nice in bright light, and the Lenovo is one of the best devices in terms of detail. There are some artifacts, though, and in low light, target exposure can be slightly low, and some fine luminance noise is visible as well.

Unfortunately Lenovo Z6 Pro does not perform well in low light, mainly to underexposure in flash-off mode and strong exposure variation when using flash.

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