Pulau Kapas Island Terengganu Malaysia 2019

Pulau Kapas Island Terengganu Malaysia 2019

This is our 3-day adventure at Pulau Kapas Island Terengganu Malaysia. Hope you liked it.

Pulau Kapas is a Marine Park located in Marang Terengganu that has an area of ​​2.72 sq km and is located on the waters of the South China Sea. Almost 95% of Cotton Island is full of hills and natural forests. During monsoon season, it is very appropriate that Cotton Island is used as a place of refuge for fishermen. The distance from Marang pier is about 6 km and takes 20 – 30 minutes by boat. From this distance, I am told that in ancient times there were people who dared to swim from land to Cotton Island, one of which was my own relatives. Wow … that’s great.

Kapas Island is an island located about 6 kilometers east of Marang, Malaysia, with a smaller island, Pulau Gemia, located north of it. It measures roughly 1.5 by 2.5 km. Its name, Pulau Kapas, refers to the island’s white beaches.

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