About Me

DenRic Denise is derived from the combined name of me (Dennis), my wife (Rica) and my daughters (Akisha Denise and Akikho Denise).

My name is Dennis Icasiano Magno, I am a programmer in a variety of technologies like desktop applications, mobile applications and web applications. I am also interested in photography, playing music and mixing songs.

I am currently working as a .Net Developer in one of the leading internation bank here in Malaysia.


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  • Omar HeavenSeeker

    hi thank you so much for this great framework, but i have a problem and i hope i could find a solution.
    i’m using the metrogrid in my form and i need to filter it using this line::
    ((DataTable)metroGrid1.DataSource).DefaultView.RowFilter = “nom like ‘%” + metroTextBox1.Text + “%'”;

    unfortunately it’s not working( it works with DataGridView).

  • allenne john manalansan

    Hi denric..your work is really great many thanks for what you’ve done but I’ve got some problems..I can’t trigger the keypress event when Im using the metroframework..do you know why?