Download MetroFramework Version 1.3.5

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  • Alesandro Petra

    sir, denric there is no image propeties at metrolink, i used metro framework 1.3.5 and .net framework 3.5, can u teach me for this problem ?
    thank you so much.

    • Are you sure you add it correctly to your project?

      • Alesandro Petra

        im sure, first i used metroframework 1.3.0 few month ago then i replace 1.3.5, but i can’t still find image properties for metrolink,
        or VS 2010 is the problem ?

        • Maybe you forgot to update the DLL in your toolbar and project reference.

          • Lucas Ofend

            Please sir,i can’t see the download link

  • Shane Michaelle

    thank you 🙂

    • You’re welcome…

      • Lucas Ofend

        Please the download link

        • Aguirre

          Press one of social media below the Download Link and it will reveal the link.

  • Rius Simbolon

    Sir denric, can i use this metro framework 1.3.5 to VS2015 using net 3.5 Client Profile?

  • Raphael Rieber


    is there any way to make the Textbox accept “Return” and “Tab”?

    Can’t make it work.

  • Lucas Ofend

    where is the download link??? i can’t see it ;-((

  • Guiga Bytez

    Does metro framework 1.3.5 works also with VB.NET?

  • Guiga Bytez

    Is metro framework 1.3.5 works with VB.NET?

  • Eng Acs

    plz help me
    i am using MetroTrackBar when i want to change Style but that is not change only black color

  • adrianhedley

    First of all great work!! I downloaded the metro framework 1.3.5 and added it to my solution, I also imported widgets to the toolbox and all widgets are in the toolbox except the MetroMessageBox. Am i missing something? your help would be welcome. thank you

    • MetroMessageBox will not be displayed on the toolbox. You can use it via code MetroMessageBox.Show(this, “This is a sample MetroMessagebox `OK` only button”, “MetroMessagebox”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information);

      • adrianhedley

        Thank you for your quick eply. I tried that and got the error “No Overload for method ‘Show’ takes 5 arguments” a .Show method is not available from intellisense

    • By the way the latest version of MetroFramework is 1.4.0

      • adrianhedley

        I would be happy to use the latest version. Can I have the download link please?

        • Just check the download section of this website.