Download MetroFramework Version 1.4.0

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  • Mauro Rog

    When I drag a MetroToggle from ToolBox to form, I receive this error.
    The old forms with MetroToogle can’t be opened.

    • Thanks for bringing this up… Updated already

      • Mauro Rog

        Great. Thanks.
        When you put all on NuGet ?

  • Mauro Rog

    In MetroCheckBox the checkaligned don’t work !!!!

    • Don’t get mad buddy… Change is coming!!!

      • Mauro Rog

        Don’t worry.
        I am very grateful for your immense work.

        • Please check updates…

          • Mauro Rog

            It’s all working.
            Perfect !!!
            Thanks a lot.

  • Mauro Rog

    MetroTextBox don’t route the OnTextChanged message.

  • Scott Fiorina

    MetroComboBox is replacing & with underscores. Is there a way to set a mnemonic property?

    FYI, I am not yet using 1.4.0

    Thanks for your help!

    • You can simply escape it by putting && instead of &

      • Scott Fiorina

        I am aware of that but since my values are coming from a database table that is not the best solution. Was hoping to do something that would not entail over riding the values returned from my database. This is a non issue if I am using a regular combo box so what property, if any, can we change in the metro framework to allow the metro combo box to behave the same way?

        • Good point. Will correct this in MetroComboBox

          • Scott Fiorina

            Great, thank you.

  • Charles Michael C. Poniente

    Will this work on VS 2010 Ultimate with

    • Give it a try, this should work. Don’t be afraid to try things out that how you can improve in programming.

      • Charles Michael C. Poniente

        Hey, it worked great Friend. First I installed the Metro Framework in the Nuget Package Manager, but it seems to be an older version, so I changed the reference of the framework with your MetroModern UI Framework V1.4.0, including the Items in the toolbox. Thanks. 🙂

  • Madome Malale

    i can’t find the three dll files where can i find them, the download link is locked althou i already liked your page.

    • It should enable the download link. You can try nuget

  • Harjinder Singh

    Sir where is source.I was using 1.3 with some changes and now didn’t see source for 1.4

  • Harjinder Singh

    Also I think you should provide autocomplete feature to Textbox and combobox

    • I will add this on the next build. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thiago Azevedo

    Simple code not work on this version!

    My code in the form: “Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor”
    Error appear: “An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in System.dll”

    In the version of 16-Oct-2014 (I ever used) the code works perfectly!

  • Tabrez

    MetroTextBox with multiline doesn’t support tab as a input. when I press tab it set focus on next control. I want to enable tab in textbox like we had in winform using AcceptReturn and AcceptTab property.

  • Emma Scully

    Does the Autocomplete work? I get error Constructor on type ‘System.String’ not found.

    • I think it is not yet included, will check the code later. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Elias Pizarro

    try to scrolldown the metrolistview and get:

    An unhandled exception of type ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll


    • I will check this issue later. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Pablo Almeida

    I set the options “Theme = Dark” and “ShowClearButton = true”, the
    button becomes “clear” of the metroTextBox has the “light” background
    even though the theme is dark. Can you help me to correct this error? Are there any errors in importing the dll’s? Should I import into the folder where the dll’s are the .pdb files as well?

  • Renzel Aguilan

    Metrotextbox cursor is in default arrow. When you change the cursor type, VS 2010 is restarting. Do someone get this error too?

    • I will try to replicate this issue. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Nuno Gonçalves

        To fix the issue open MetroxTextBox.cs and goto ‘UpdateBaseTextBox’.

        Then added the following code

        baseTextBox.Cursor = base.Cursor;


        baseTextBox.BackColor = EffectiveBackColor;
        baseTextBox.ForeColor = EffectiveForeColor;
        baseTextBox.Font = EffectiveFont;

        Recompile and it should work.

  • Sorin GFS

    Hi Dennis. I must make a decision about which metroframework version to use in my project, I want to be able to customize colors, so please tell me if the 1.4 source code will be available anytime soon..

    • Sorry for the delay, I will try to upload later. I will set a reminder on my phone.

      • Sorin GFS

        Ok, Thank you, I really appreciate it.
        One more question: development of this project ended with 1.4.0?

  • Alexander RM

    I have this problem with some controls of metroframework, when I add a metroButton in my form only put it in the bottom part and not add it to the form……what can be wrong?

    • You should add the DLL’s on your project reference.

      • Alexander RM

        Already I have the DLL added to the project … and the same thing continues happening

        • What is the .net framework that you are using?

          • Alexander RM

            .NET framework 4 also try with 4.5 and 4.6

  • Steven T Rotelli

    Dennis you really should charge for this kinda stuff.

  • Rhen

    Why is there no menustrip available in the toolbox?

  • Thiago CorrĂȘa

    Hello, when I added my project a metrolabel the same does not appear.

  • Yusril Ihsanul Alim

    Where link ?

  • Samir

    Hi Dennis,

    Great designing tool. I’m working in c#, would it be possible to customize the colors of the styles using RGB or HEX values?



  • Sammy Wang

    Hi whats going on, no download link?

  • Pablo Almeida

    Hello, development of this project ended with 1.4.0?

  • Mario Esteban Iglesias

    How do you change the size and font from buttons text on code? FontResolve() doesn’t seem to work

  • Hi Dennis, development of this project ended with 1.4.0?