MetroFramework FAQ

MetroFramework FAQ

On this page I will list down and answer most of MetroFramework FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions). This will help new users and MetroFramework to find answers to their question and solve some common problems that they encounter while using the MetroFramework.

1. How to use MetroFramework – I have two blog posts on how to use MetroFramework Modern UI in C# and VB.Net please check the following link.
a. How to use Winforms Modern UI Metro Framework
b. How to use Winforms Modern UI Metro Framework
c. How to use Winforms Modern UI Metro Framework in VB.Net
d. Metro Framework Modern UI with SharpDevelop

2. Will it work in VB.Net? – The answer is a big YES. You just need to add the 3 DLL’s as a reference to your project.

3. Where can I get the MetroFramework DLL’s – You can download and check the latest release on the download section of this website. Currently version is MetroFramework Version 1.3.5

4. How to put a button inside textbox – there is a property ShowButton, just set it to Enabled. You can refer to this blog post on the new features of MetroTextBox control MetroTextBox Control Updated – MetroFramework

5. How to use MetroMessageBox – You can refer on my previous blog post on How To Use MetroMessageBox

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